Too Thin* And Too Hot

Here’s a picture of my next-to-last Xmas cookie for this year. They’re sitting here on a baking sheet waiting to go into the oven.

unnamed (3)

That’s the last you’ll see of them because despite careful monitoring, they all have burned edges and some have big bulging centers. I was planning to do some fancy piped icing and big dots to make them seem like actual Xmas trees but the heck with that plan now.

I have one last ball of uncolored sugar cookie dough waiting for me downstairs. My plan was to make cut out stars and cover them with those big Wilton sparkling sugar chunks. Now I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just cut them into 1″ x 3″ strips and cover them with white icing, then drag a toothpick through red and green icing lines. I think I have one of those wavy-edged raviloi cutters around soemthere. That might make them look like I put some effort into these. w/e  Frankly, my Xmas cookie fails this year have made me lose interest but I am going to see this through to the bitter burned and lumpy end.

*I may have been just a little bit too in love with my new rolling pin. I mean I guess these cookies didn’t roll themselves out to 1/8″ thickness. The pin is a simply beautiful hunk of maple that is so perfectly balanced, so heavy, so smooth so utterly great at doing what it’s supposed to do, so satisfying to use that I couldn’t stop rolling it around.

UPDATE: slightly burned, slightly bumpy and covered in unnatural colors, here is the end of the Xmas cookie experience for this year. I wish that I could have found the yellow sugar sparkles. That might have mitigated things a bit here but w/e.


11 thoughts on “Too Thin* And Too Hot”

  1. You have a way of describing objects that makes them beautiful and desirable. Now I want that rolling pin and I haven’t used the one I have (a hand me down from my grandmother) for at least 3 years!
    Fie on the cookies, your real talent is in appreciating things.

  2. You are so ahead of the game, with or without this batch. You’ve got yummy air-tight containers-full. Plus your front door is decorated. It all shows effort! I’ll be working out of town for a few weeks, just hoping to be able to pull something together at the last. My husband is the one who likes to drag in a tree on Xmas Eve, so there’s precedent. Praying for happy, holy, peaceful holidays, either way. Merry Christmas to you & all!

  3. My dear, late aunt had a good friend who made the most gorgeous Christmas cookies by the hundreds, from perfect pointsettias to wreaths that seemed to glow, they were also delicious and that’s the tough part. She lived in a tiny cottage with a tinier kitchen. In her later years, she lost her mind. Little wonder.
    Your cookies are lovely, and you will likely stay sane.
    Blessings of the Season to all here.

    1. I did my most seriously ambitious cooking and baking decades ago when I lived in a beachfront highrise apartment with a great view and a kitchen about the size of a hotel elevator. That’s when I learned that a cookie sheet on top of an open drawer adds to the counter space. I could stand in the middle of the place and reach almost everything. I also lived alone so all messes were mine and often privately so.

  4. It’s hard to roll out cookies to the same thickness. King Arthur Flour sells rubber rings to put on the end of your rolling pins at different widths to help you do that. At least they used to.

  5. I love how you describe your rolling pin! I feel the same way about my knives, sometimes I love using them so much I will make huge bowels of salad just to be able to chop & slice. Send your cookies my way, I never seem to find time to bake and my hubby would LOVE them. Poor man.

    1. I know it’s a typo and I feel for you, but in the context of salad, it couldn’t have made me laugh any louder if it’d been intentional. Thank you.

      Now, to just clean all this coffee off the screen…

  6. In my advanced years, I have learned to love the bar cookie. Never could master the cookies that go through a press, and rolling cookies out ended up with results like yours (though not as pretty). Everyone likes rich and even gooey, so I aim to please. And stay sane. 🙂

    1. PS. Forgot to mention that in recent years my cookies are known as New Year’s Cookies – or even Valentine’s Day Cookies.

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