The Definition of Optimism

photo (5)
5′ plant stakes in a 2′ tomato pot

The secret to successful tomato plant support is sturdy staking and old pantyhose. Sami offered to shorten these for me so that they’re not so ridiculous but I’m pleased with my own hubris about the size of these stakes and I think I’ll leave them.

Who among us does not love the smell of a tomato plant? It occurs to me that I’ve chosen extremely fragrant plants for the pots this year. Not plants that are fragrant on the breeze, but plants that release an intoxicating aroma when they’re touched. Whenever I deadhead a marigold, I sniff the flowerhead and then roll it in my hand until it releases its seeds. The bright red geraniums don’t even need to be deadheaded to take part in the fragrance game – I usually rub a leaf whenever I pass one. Rub it between thumb and forefinger as if I was evaluating velvet.

4 thoughts on “The Definition of Optimism”

  1. Love the photo. I stake our tomatoes with bamboo poles + cotton string. Not as dramatic as your arrangement, but effective.

    I, also, love to touch the aromatic plants– so much so that after touching the rosemary by the front door and then walking to the curb to get the mail, I arrive inside the house with the best smelling bills ever.

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