We Live And We Learn

Thanks to the various forms of media that penetrated the valley walls where I grew up, I always knew what this was but I couldn’t ever find the words to describe it. I was trying to describe it to the FDIL* the other day and failed to convey the full meaning. Now I can do it with three little words: Boston Cracked Shoe.

“The first time this stubborn Yankee frugality came to the attention of the public was during the 1952 presidential campaign. LIFE Magazine ran a picture of Adlai Stevenson with his feet propped on a chair, and there was a large hole in one of Stevenson’s shoes. The press was dumfounded at what they considered to be a huge faux pas.

… if you’re going to try this at home, bear in mind that down-at-heel shoes are patrician on Old Money types, but merely bohemian on the middle class.”

Or merely gauche.

official White House photo

*future daughter-in-law

11 thoughts on “We Live And We Learn”

    1. Why yes Laurie, there could be. Wait a few moments and the White House staff will come up with another one. UGH!!

      Turd. . . I will be calling him that from now on. Have to admit, that didn’t cross my mind. I like it very much!

  1. i know this isn’t related, but i’m missing the cute pic of your dog in the corner since you changed your background!

      1. Oh there he is!! You made my day! I love your musings so much that you have been moved up to the #2 spot of my daily news feed. Drudge is first so I need a quick laugh to follow 🙂

  2. Here’s what makes me so angry—they think we don’t know what they’re doing. They actually believe we don’t see through this kind of crap.

    And, enough of the gen pop (as AB&P calls them) get their information from the “news” that they actually do fool quite a few people. If we let them (him) get away with this we probably deserve what we’ll get (are getting.)

    1. Not to mention the deeper subtly of the intent: showing someone the sole of one’s shoe is considered an expression of utter disrespect in certain cultures where they wipe their bungholes with a left handful of sand.

  3. Hey Suzette, do you think your blog is being monitored by the CIA yet? And all of us along with you? There’s a Global Incident website that has “threats to the president” or some such wording as one of the categories, perhaps there is a mark on your home town? I found you by googling “ugly Michelle Obama pictures”. Any good (or should I say ugly) ones lately? You crack me up.

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