Only One Step Away From A Scrunchie

Hello! I’m back from driving around central Pennsylvania for three days in the rain and fog. I cancelled the Denver trip but next week: Baltimore. It’s a glamorous life.

Here’s some Hillary:

No comment required.

Okay. Decorating news! We’re in the final stretches of the den decorating project. Now I have to decide which buffet I’m going to put under the wall mounted TV.  Remember – the theme for this room is Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock. I’ve got the big clock, the pine cone and a western-style metal carnival horse but nothing Craftsman-style. This is my big Craftsman-style move. Take note that I’m not going authentic Craftsman because that is too much of a box for me to be contained within – I’m going for the essence of “Craftsman style”. With that in mind, which one of these two buffets is better?

Buffet #2

Points of consideration:

  • These two are just about the same price and the same availability.
  • #1 is 2″ taller than #2 and that is a negative.
  • The color of #2 is better but the door style of #1 is more appealing to me
  • #1 looks like you could almost get the vacuum under there but you probably can’t and will just bang up the front trying. (-) I wouldn’t even try to shove the vacuum under #2. (+)
  • #1 is unmistakably Craftsman-style; #2 is more indistinct and might survive here  longer when I become disenchanted with Craftsman-style
  • They’re both described as “oak” but #1 has a finer (fake?) grain (+) than the wild swooping (fake?) grain of #2 (-)
  • #1 is clearly wine bottle storage only in the center (+) but #2 has a shelf that Sami will try to park his various envelopes, supermarket fliers and stray screwdrivers there and then it will look like hell (-)

Overall, I think I like #2 better. No – #1. No – #2.


22 thoughts on “Only One Step Away From A Scrunchie

  1. You’ll also be able to see the dustbunnies/furball faux puppies under #1 that’s too tall but otherwise more desirable. So get your household craftsman to cut a few inches off the legs. I’m thinking win-win.

  2. #1 looks more like ash to me than oak but gregor could probably give you a better answer than I.

    I think I’m leaning more towards #2; I’m not totally keen on the ‘x’ wine storage mind you but that shelf would be useful/handy.

  3. I vote #1 so as to remove the temptation from Sami to thwart your decor.
    Thwart your decor. Thwart your decor. If you say that in the right tone of voice, it’s got that whole “a pox on your house!’ sound to it.

  4. The chair in #1 is subtly calling to me. I’m irresistibly drawn to #1 because of it… Oh, what the hell, go for #2. No, that white watermelon with legs thing in #2 is wrong. Go for #1. But wait… wicker bottles…

  5. My vote would be “definitely #2!”. Buffet #1 appears to only hold 9 bottles of wine …. but Buffet #2 appears to be able to hold 16+!!!!! Shorter, better color, less “Craftsman style”, plus more wine bottles = buffet #2 better buy.

  6. I vote #2. Make Sami put his “crap” behind the closed doors. You could get a swiffer under there once or twice a year, but only if you feel like it. You could roll your lovely linen napkins and put them in the wine bottle storage areas so you could change the color scheme and design as desired.

  7. From my jaundiced, retired antique dealer eyes, No. 2 seems more Craftsman, and No. 1 seems more 1970’s. No. 2 has a richer, warmer color (although that could just be the photography). A richer, warmer color would be more soothing during the height of winter and the dark cold days. And like Theresa said, No. 2 holds more booze! And it has that extra shelf. To prevent Sami from cluttering it up, you simply need to get there first with your nic~naks, egg cups, empty spaghetti sauce jar/goblets, what have you. Or if you have any electronics for the TV, like a DVR or whatever, that could go in there as well.

    Definitely No.2.

  8. You get to go to all the fun places like … Baltimore!

    #2 is more modern looking and yet still craftsmany. The legs are too long on #1. And I like the brighter color of #2.

  9. You might be able to refinish #1 to get the same shine as #2. I would want to look at the drawer construction and the backsides but if all else is equal I would probably choose #2.

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