Our Betters

Apparently, Giving Tuesday is a thing now. Because without being herded into conformance, no one is capable of performing a charitable act on their own.


Yes, be sure and toot your own horn about it because that is one of the prime inducers of charity. What good is it if no one knows you’ve done it? How will anyone recognize you as part of the elite tribe if you don’t make your actions – not necessarily your motivation – widely known? (  /s )

Why do the people who came up with this think its something new or undiscovered? Do they realy belive that there are people on earth who have never considered being generous with what they have? Who don’t do charitable acts? Or who do them but decline to publicly brag about themselves?

I used to find it first incomprehensible and then infuriating that Our Betters, those elite progressive thinkers who have looked into the hearts of the rest of us and found us wanting, and so must direct us in how we should behave, what we should think and what words to use when expressing ourselves and identifying ourselves.These are generally young people (or emotionally stunted middle aged people) who do this. These are “our betters” because they have told themselves and each other that’s who they are and they all agree with themselves. People who are so absolutely certain in their positions that its obvious they have not gathered enough life experience to understand that differing opinions don’t mean you must declare war against those who do not accept dogma unchallenged and dare to express genuine individual thought. They demands on the hearts and minds of those who just might possibly have lived longer, seen more, think differently from the PC herd or have evolved in opinion over a lifetime. And they do this without any acknowledgment of the irony involved or awareness of their own inappropriateness.

And then one day as I was cruising the blogs I came across the pages of a very famous and influential blogger – the mother of two and a one-woman ad revenue generator. You probably know who this is but I blocked out the names in this clip below. Slipped into a charming story about her daughter’s bedtime reading is lesson for us. A lesson for the great uniformed masses who must surely live in ignorance of the concept of a moral code.

And the moment I read this passage, it all became clear to me.

This writer in particular has moved away from the religion of her upbringing. This seems to be something that is a shared trait among Our Betters – a denigration of their religion, sometimes escalation to an excoriation, an affirmation of atheism/agnosticism (often used incorrectly). A denial of God’s presence. A lack of traditional guidance for ethical conduct.And so of course, if they don’t have it the assumption is that you don’t have it either.

You can see it when they say they are sending thoughts or good vibrations instead of using the word prayers. Describing themselves as “spritual”. Or the contortions the go through to avoid using the very name of God for whatever amazing personal discovery they have made about central principle for the way they conduct – or more likely believe you should conduct – life. And the less grounded they are in religion, the louder they shout about your need for guidance.

It all makes sense to me now.


Ferret Face Pallone

So about the big GW Bridge closing “scandal” that is currently being manufactured to discredit NJ Governor  Christie and get him out of the way … is that anything like when Obama closed down the GM dealerships of those who didn’t contribute to his campaign?

a well known ferret

Whenever that unquestioning soldier in the liberal army, pillar of morality, that licker of Nancy Pelosi’s butt – Frank Pallone, US Congressman (D-NJ 6th District) , a well-known ferret with square hair and a little eye – gets involved you can be sure  something fishy is happening.