Too Soon?

I’ve been completely consumed with the #Megxit and #Harryvederci drama going on for the last week or so. In fact, I’ve been on the fringes of a little Twitter gang of anti-Meghaneers for quite a while. It’s all fun and games for the most part, but every now and then the British-American cultural divide puts the skids on the fun.

Today for instance, in the wake of the enormous disappointment that the queen didn’t immediately shove them both outside the palace gates to fend for themselves 100%, I took a mild part in the flurry sadness and of woeful predictions. I posted this and some people took it seriously.


For reference: That Aquamarine Ring Harry Gave Meghan
So IDK. Either I’m better than I thought myself to be or worse than I thought myself to be.

Also, if you haven’t seen this, you should.