Duck Season Rabbit Season Duck Season Hare Season

Out with the old …

okay. maybe it’s not so bad after all.
In with the new …

the hares are black. that’s the tablecloth pattern showing through the mesh.

I must admit that I did enjoy working on the edges of the Bargello – maybe because it meant that I was nearing the end of this project. I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this awful repetitive exercise  until the end. For the sake of my mental health, I had to make a black border stitch as a visual finish line. 

This hares thing is going to be a totally different experience. First, the canvas is a mono mesh meant for needle point not the fine double thread cross stitch stuff of the Bargello. Secondly, the yarn is much more finely spun. English tapestry yarn – not like the thick fuzzy big ‘Murican yarn I was working with. Also this is done in a tent stitch – I anticipate that it will be far less challenging than the long stitches of the Bargello. I was surprised how challenging it was to make groups of ten stitches each covering four spaces of the canvas. 

By the way, those are hanks of yarn. Hanks. Not skeins. Hanks. I love that.

Update on the crystal-eyed stork scissors: you cannot believe what a solid, satisfying sound these make when you clip a strand of yarn. * snip * Just like that!

By the way, I invested in a fancy magnifying floor lamp (made for old people. “grandmothers adore this“) which was the best decision ever. However, looking at my magnified fingers, cuticles and nails under it as I work the needle is a ghastly experience. 


The old bird feeder cracked apart.  It was not the victim of cold weather but went yellow and weak in the strong summer sun last season. My fault – I left it hanging three after I emptied it for the season and the sun rays were just too much for it.

So now there’s a bigger feeder hanging that can accommodate more birds, and the seed tray has 2 sections to accommodate different seed types. To celebrate, we sprung for a deluxe sunflower/safflower seed mix to put on one side to keep the lovely cardinals coming to the window.

And the cardinals lost their minds over it.

There are 5 cardinals that come around in constant rotation. The eater will give up the perch for the next one to have a turn. Since the deluxe food showed up, the cycles have been increasingly shorter until this guy just moved in, sat down and refused to give up ground. He sat like that for 20 minutes and didn’t care that I was 2 feet away taking pictures. All in all, the new feeder is much more entertaining so I’m happy the old one went to pieces.

In other news, I’ve taken up needlepoint again. Or I will as soon as my new old stock Bargello pillow kit gets here USPS. I haven’t done this in 20 years and I can’t exactly recall if I ever actually finished a piece but I believe that this is my time now to churn out 8 or 10 pillows which I already have selected from online sources to the tune of about $900.00. No exaggeration – these things aren’t cheap.

That’s why I’m starting with an inexpensive kit from eBay to gauge if I still like it and will actually finish a piece. After a lifetime of throwing myself deeply into things at the start and then abandoning them unfinished,  I actually know myself. And so, I’m about to try something new: moderation.

UPDATE: I would like the record to show that stupid Pinterest has ruined image searches for “seashell needlepoint kits”.  Pinterest and all who inhabit it should have their own internet where they can congregate with each other and not screw things up for the regular people.