Personal Blogs

You know, the Internet didn’t turn out to be what I thought it was going to be. Remember way back when, you would make a post and then get a ton of comments from your regular circle and maybe a few from some random others who wandered by via a search term?  Personal blogs – and by that I mean regular people spewing forth whatever comes to mind – are a thing of the past . And I miss them.

Most of those blogs were lousy, boring or a combination thereof. But some were so interesting as to be hypnotic, some were instructive, intentionally or not, and some were just comfortable, pleasant reads from people you never met but you felt like you knew. The bloggers were a random mix of ages, locations and life experiences. Many had their own buzzwords or frequent topics and they became yours to the extent that just hearing that word in real life was the spark that could create your won sympathetic and linked post to be read, enjoyed or gently debated amongst your circle.  Where are those blogs now?

Without that community, there’s almost no point to a blog like mine. I don’t want to feel alone in the universe so through the magic of Google, I set out to find other personal blogs.

It is to laugh. There’s plenty of links for personal blogs but don’t even waste your time. Here’s what you get:

  •  individuals that run their own businesses
  • DIY blogs
  • food blogs
  • mommy blogs
  • fashion blogs
  • career advice blogs
  • lifestyle blogs
  • and an endless number so how to start your own blog blogs

Looking up my old blogger links is a fruitless exercise. For one reason or another, the links are dead.  I just want somebody who can reach out and share. Somebody who can entertain me about what happened when they went out for gas. Somebody who makes jokes with bad photoshop work. Describe your garden without being a big expert about it. And for God’s sake, don’t try to sell me anything.

I’d be more animated about this but I just microwaved 4 slices of bacon and then I immediately ate them, so I’m feeling pretty good about things in general now and can’t get worked up.