Vintage Schwinn Horse; One Of a Kind

Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of my 10 year old sister and the contraption she built out of paper bags and blankets to ride around town. It was a sensation. To this day, it still lives in the memory of all who witnessed it. 

Whatever It Takes

I have a little bottle of holy water that a former patient of mine gave me. After her kidney transplant she traveled to the shrine at  Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzogovenia and brought this back. I can’t remember exactly when this was but it  was before the Muslims started shooting the place up. We used this water on…

Wait … What?

Okay. It might be because I’m not getting enough sleep or it might be that stress is taking its toll on me, but  even in my compromised state, I’m pretty sure I saw the Concorde coming in for a landing at Newark Liberty yesterday. Which I guess is better than seeing that damn seagull again.

I Am A Ticking Time Bomb

11 pm I’m  sitting in the front seat of a car service car next to the worlds biggest pine tree air freshener because an unnamed relative parked my car on the street on Riverside Drive instead of putting it in a garage and then it got towed and I can’t get it out of impound…