What A Country!

More than a year later, I am still agog that World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama would trade places with Beyonce although really, why is anyone surprised? What Harvard educated attorney slash hospital administration executive slash first lady of the most prestigious country in the world  WOULDN’T want to be this:

Maybe she didn’t really mean it. After all, in that same interview the WWFIBM ™ claimed that her stinky snorey husband tucks her into bed every night. Does anyone actually believe that?

America’s Brilliant First Lady

From Our Department of 110%:

Tuesday night was a rare moment of unscripted anger from Michelle Obama:  “Listen to me or you can take the mic,” the First Lady said. “But I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

jerk store

I dunno. Could it be that she’s not quite as smart as they’ve been telling us?

I Am Usually A Very Sturdy Person

It’s the middle of the night and I can feel myself being ravaged by a fast-moving virus. It started with a dry tickle of a cough about two hours ago and then it flashed through sort of a sore throat to yep that’s a sore throat and down to hotness between my shoulder blades. Now my nose is running too and I felt like I had to get out of bed to maximize my air intake.

I haven’t been sick in a long time. I don’t enjoy being sick. I have a lot to do and this is going to be a drag. I don’t blame Denver per se for this illness. I’m just saying that even though I have spent much time breathing recirculated hospital air and sleeping on benches in ICU waiting rooms, I remained sturdy and healthy when I limited my travel to Danville PA. One 36-hour visit to Denver CO and my robust good health is shot to hell.

In other news … On the very day that World Famous Fashion Icon and Busybody Michelle Obama has drawn a bead on fat dogs, Stedman has shed 5 pounds (of dirt) by the simple act of visiting the groomer. Speaking of fat dogs …

unretouched photo

egads-womanMorning Update: Now my voice is croaky. And I have to lead 2 hour-long conference calls today. Point of clarification: while I enjoy being the recipient of long-distance sympathy for my condition, that is not what this post is about. It’s just spewing.


Who would Jesus vote for? A Sunday service-skipping World Famous Fashion Icon and  Too Busy To Be A Mom™ campaigner?

“Obama, Malia, Sasha, Chicago godmother Kaye Wilson attend church Sunday”  Barack Obama, Malaria and Sausage attended church Sunday morning along with Kaye Wilson, who the girls have known forever since she is their “godmother” from Chicago. Michelle Obama, who is flying to Chicago Sunday to get ahead of Hurricane Sandy–so she can make her Iowa Monday stop–was not with them because she was getting ready to leave early for her trip, the White House said.] 


  • Both girls have the same “godmother”?
  • Or even have a “godmother” at all?
  • Why has this “godmother” not been taking them to church for the last 4 years?
  • Is this a recently minted “godmother” for campaign purposes?]
72-Inch Me and Pinch Me went for a walk …

(Enjoy your borderline-appropriate grip sessions while ye may, Show Ponies. After November 6th, your services will no longer be needed.)

Or a modest doer of good works?

“Leadership: Romney campaign using Romney bus for East Coast storm relief efforts” Team Romney announced that the campaign bus will be used to help with storm relief efforts on the East Coast, as Hurricane Sandy bears down. Romney campaign will load storm relief supplies into Romney bus in Arlington Va today an will collect supplies at all VA victory offices.

Leading from the front. Now that’s a change.

DC insiders say that Joey “The Hyena” Biden relies on a crew of moles, spies and eavesdroppers to try and keep one step ahead of the opposing campaign. When his intelligence you should excuse the expression informed him that someone was offering  “free Weiner rides”, he assumed that Paul Ryan would be commandeering the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile to assist hurricane victims. The silver-plugged VP proposed opening up his private car on Amtrak to all displaced biker chicks he met on the campaign trail this year. Fortunately, White House staffers were able to head off this copy-cat publicity stunt when it was discovered that the true source of the offer was Huma’s husband, in town for the weekend and armed with a new iPhone 5.