These Corgis Are Cheesed Up To The Max

Have you been watching the Netflix original series called  The Crown? Season 1 was 10 riveting episodes of young Elizabeth as she married and ascended to the throne of England. The British actress Claire Foy in the title role does a remarkable job* and I found every episode to be utterly engrossing. Here she is talking out of her hat in a Vanity Fair interview:


fullsizerender-26Upon hearing this wrong-headed opinion, corgis all over the world immediately took to their office beds and didn’t come out again until they heard the Scooby Snacks¬†box being rattled in the kitchen.

*If you watch any episode at all from this series, make it Episode 9 to catch the stunning portray of Winston Churchill in decline as played by John Lithgow. Seriously, watch this series if you have the chance – there’s also a peek at Prince Phillip’s naked butt. Something for everybody!

101 Views Of My Deck

My deck. What sweet sweet words to be able to say again. This deck is my favorite place on earth and it’s been dismantled since early October.


Frankly, I wasn’t too optimistic about expecting this to be back together before winter set in, especially considering how the rest of the basement project is going. But yesterday the workers showed up and started to reassemble the decking, replacing some boards and making it sturdier than it was before. If they go at the same pace today, I might be able to sit in a chair and have one more cocktail out there – an activity that will tide me over through the winter. Granted, I will have to do it before the sun sets at around 4:30 and I’ll be wearing a coat and maybe a small blanket around my legs, but you can trust that I am going to be out there one more time.

Also, notice those black bags of mulch behind Stedman? Look closer:


With its last gasp, a terminally ill Meyer lemon tree gave birth to 7 little lemons. There were 11 when the tree was moved down there so this is more of a survival story than a success story. We are rapidly approaching the last chapter of this saga.

Just Get a Damn Flu Shot Already and Quit Your Uneducated Bitching

Well I was going to write about my flowers today but instead I find it necessary to make a list of people on the internet who need their heads cracked in:

  • vaccination deniers
  • white people who go out of their way to point out the wrongs committed by white people, as if they themselves were not part of the tribe of white people
  • Italian-Americans who reject Columbus Day
  • twitter superstars who give advice on how to behave but who themselves are mental defectives and real-life losers
  • popular bloggers who keep inflicting photos of their less than attractive offspring onto the reading public
  • instant ebola experts
  • Obama (choose any one)

UPDATE: Oh well what the heck. I only wanted to say how great my new flower bed is flourishing and I wanted to document it before I cleaned out the annuals. Fact: I have never had Dusty Millers that did as well as this in my entire gardening life. The dirt here is a mixture of sand and rocks and I only fertilized and watered in the beginning of the summer. Maybe it was that one earthworm I found and tossed in before I put down the mulch? Working its earthworm magic. In any case, they have taken over everything, obscured some of the begonias, dwarfed the lavender and are giving the day lilies a run for the money, which if you recall was $25.00.

I used to have a corgi who was very good at posing next to things in order to illustrate comparative size so I figured I try it with this one. All I got was a couple of side-eyes and a few action shots where he got bored and started walking away but I think you can still get the idea.

side eye stedman

Here’s a successful chicken that doesn’t even need any corgis to pose next to it, which turns out to be a good thing because the corgi was already head-butting the front door trying to get back inside.