Bag-b Forget the dragged-out, overly dramatic vice presdential announcement – the big news is right here – celebrity handbag designer Timmy Woods has created a handbag based on the signs used by his campaign at rallies and speeches.

It must be a change purse. Ba DUM dum.

The first Obama Handbag will be given to the senator’s wife, Michelle.”I hope she will get it in time to wear to the convention [next week],” Woods – whose work was featured on Sex and the City – said in a statement.”

Forget it, honey – even Carrie Bradsahw wouldn’t be caught dead with that thing.

As usual, the comments after any published Obama article are more reavealing than the article itself. A sampling:

  • Maybe Barry’s friend Bernadine Dorn can put her bombs in it while she goes out looking for other federal buildings to bomb.
  • Does the handle have 57 beads – one for each of the States he campaigned in?
  • It looks like a piece of candy attached to miniature jaw breakers.
  • That bag is only slightly uglier than Michelle Obama.