Random Thoughts

Famous Bloggers  I notice that all of the more famous bloggers do this:

  • blog daily
  • shamelessly pilfer material
  • eventually reveal themselves to be mentally unbalanced

I have my beefs with some of them but wth? They would be just as unbalanced and pitiable if they were not famous, so I choose to keep my opinions to myself.

Blogging Daily I used to do that. And it was good. There was a whole community of commenters that engaged with me and with each other. I still have great commenters but not so many. I was looking at a few old posts and I consistently drew 12-30 comments on each. That’s what makes blogging worthwhile – the feedback*. Can’t remember why I slowed down. I’m going to try and post here a little more often than I’ve been doing lately. What follows is quality examples of what you can expect.

Morning Prayer Dear Lord, Please give me the strength to stop buying vintage needlepoint pillow kits from eBay. Also the devil put before me the search term “vintage tapestry cushion kits” and now I need extra strength to avoid British eBay too because that’s where the good stuff is.

Actual purchases.

These should keep me busy through mid-2017. Or not. I think I can whip those bottom two out in about a month each. Better continue to stock up – maybe go full retail. Like this William de Morgan fishy charmer. 

Cabbage Steaks With Sour Cream  Hey, guys – I’m dieting again. For two weeks. It’s my own food plan called Mostly Aktins and No  Gin Mostly Aktins and Less Gin. But do you know that gin has no carbs? And do you know that a shot of gin is only 73 calories? And do you know that “a shot”= 25ml? Who is that for, 25mls – Grandma on her 100th birthday?

Temptation I have given up the world of blogging about Gross Democrat Women (because they make me sick) but man, how much temptation can a person take? Hillary’s coughing, a crystal encrusted MOO** and now enormous first daughter Malaria heading for that all-American distillery of knowledge, Harvard University. That last one is killing me . I envision a series called “Malaria Hits Harvard” perhaps written in the style of New England Journal of Medicine articles for all my medically-oriented readers. And a sub category called “Sausage Party; Teen Ho Down in the White House”. I could work up enthusiasm for that.


*Even from the pre-BLM era thugs who commented to insult me because I pointed out the truth about world Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama.

**Who could use a little Mostly Atkins and Less Gin herself these days.

Whom Will Die Of Old Age

downloadNo Idea. This is the title of a blank draft I found on my WordPress dashboard. Other great ideas that never made it to publication include:

  • The Unexpected Benefits of Sloth This was about being too lazy to change the TV channel and lucking out by finding Hall & Oats guest starring as the entertainment for a fake wedding on Will & Grace
  • Whither the Split Leaf Philodendron? All the 50s and 60s TV shows had them, from Alfred Hitchcock to Dick Van Dyke. Even Andy Griffith had one. .They fell out of fashion – does anybody have these anymore?
  • As If Any More Evidence Was Needed No content. Probably about how disgusting Obama is. Any Obamas. All Obamas. Pick one.
  • Turnip and Turnip Head Definitely about an Obama. The one who’s trying to ensare America’s youth and convince them to give up burgers and fries for … turnips?
  • Eyes Wide Open This is bitching about another department at work trying to take over one of my very successful projects. I don’t remember what I was going to write here but fyi – I smited them and retained publicly acknowledged ownership of my shit. BOOM
  • Iron My Bullhorn! No content but I have it saved under the category of Cankles! I hope I can get interested in writing about Hillary again – I’ve got some killer pictures saved up and also a sub story line featuring Chelsea’s daughter and Huma’s son as baby politicians who seek advice from their politically experienced relatives. Spoiler alert: burqas!
  • Heat wave This one is the outline for a boring/pathetic thing I started in July. Here is what I have  written down. Sounds more like a to-do list than a blog post: This is how we do it. Hem stitch the most stupid cafe curtains. Hand water cherry tomato plants. Ache for BI costal husband. Resent yuppies who planned ahead. Gently abraded paint streaks form Romanian furniture. Plan to do sun salutation tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow.Veg. Weep. Pull weeds.
  • Effective Immediately No content.
  • … And Sincere Best Wishes That No One Turns Your Transponder Off This was the only real disappointment when I discovered there was no content here.
  • The Lamps of Latin Lovers I could have sworn I posted this one. It’s a bout stand-out table lamps in old movies.Looks only partially complete. Maybe I’ll publish it anyway.
  • The Brother-In-Laws of Joan Baez I’m going to work on this someday. I have folders full of newspaper articles, posters and photographs just waiting to be shared with you. The problem is that I start reviewing them and then I get lost in reverie.
  • Uh Oh No content.
  • My Opinion No content but probably about a boob belt.

Feel free to develop any one of these. Put your ideas down in the comments, limited to 140 characters or less.




Our Betters

Apparently, Giving Tuesday is a thing now. Because without being herded into conformance, no one is capable of performing a charitable act on their own.


Yes, be sure and toot your own horn about it because that is one of the prime inducers of charity. What good is it if no one knows you’ve done it? How will anyone recognize you as part of the elite tribe if you don’t make your actions – not necessarily your motivation – widely known? (  /s )

Why do the people who came up with this think its something new or undiscovered? Do they realy belive that there are people on earth who have never considered being generous with what they have? Who don’t do charitable acts? Or who do them but decline to publicly brag about themselves?

I used to find it first incomprehensible and then infuriating that Our Betters, those elite progressive thinkers who have looked into the hearts of the rest of us and found us wanting, and so must direct us in how we should behave, what we should think and what words to use when expressing ourselves and identifying ourselves.These are generally young people (or emotionally stunted middle aged people) who do this. These are “our betters” because they have told themselves and each other that’s who they are and they all agree with themselves. People who are so absolutely certain in their positions that its obvious they have not gathered enough life experience to understand that differing opinions don’t mean you must declare war against those who do not accept dogma unchallenged and dare to express genuine individual thought. They demands on the hearts and minds of those who just might possibly have lived longer, seen more, think differently from the PC herd or have evolved in opinion over a lifetime. And they do this without any acknowledgment of the irony involved or awareness of their own inappropriateness.

And then one day as I was cruising the blogs I came across the pages of a very famous and influential blogger – the mother of two and a one-woman ad revenue generator. You probably know who this is but I blocked out the names in this clip below. Slipped into a charming story about her daughter’s bedtime reading is lesson for us. A lesson for the great uniformed masses who must surely live in ignorance of the concept of a moral code.

And the moment I read this passage, it all became clear to me.

This writer in particular has moved away from the religion of her upbringing. This seems to be something that is a shared trait among Our Betters – a denigration of their religion, sometimes escalation to an excoriation, an affirmation of atheism/agnosticism (often used incorrectly). A denial of God’s presence. A lack of traditional guidance for ethical conduct.And so of course, if they don’t have it the assumption is that you don’t have it either.

You can see it when they say they are sending thoughts or good vibrations instead of using the word prayers. Describing themselves as “spritual”. Or the contortions the go through to avoid using the very name of God for whatever amazing personal discovery they have made about central principle for the way they conduct – or more likely believe you should conduct – life. And the less grounded they are in religion, the louder they shout about your need for guidance.

It all makes sense to me now.