1. We had such fun with your Little Eye posts!

        Isn’t it ironic that she looks far worse now (2021) than she did back then. Whoda thunk it? There’s not a chance in hell that she could squeeze her massive body into those body-skimming sheath dresses, Spanx or no. If she tried to wear Spanx now and they got loose, the Chineses would think we’d gone nuclear…

        1. MOO was good for more than a few laughs, wasn’t she? Jilly B is no replacement but she is showing some promise lately. She showed up today walking next to the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a lumpy jacket and a bandaid on her bare leg. It gives me hope for the future.

  1. I’m actually surprised she didn’t go with her hair in it’s natural state. Much more “empowering ” barf.

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