In Which the Complaining Starts

So much to complain about. On a hyperlocal level, let me go on the record to say that mothers of small children annoy me very much.

I was rolling through the supermarket on a search for vegan face wash (not kidding) and a mother was pushing her 5-6 year old around in one of those car/steering wheel shopping carts. The kid was big and pretty crammed in there and he was totally engrossed in his video game as Mother shopped. Mother asked him to choose between two brands of the same product on a shelf. Without looking up, the kid let go of the video game with one hand, pointed to the shelf and returned his hand to the game box.

Mother was so pleased with his selection that she complimented him by singing out “GOOD JOB” in that high note/low note style so popular with complimentary mothers today. The child ignored her. If that lyric had musical accompaniment, it would look like this:

disclaimer: I am not musical in any way, shape or form.

Also, who came up with the idea of calling small children “littles”? I find that highly annoying. In the south, they make it even worse by referring to their “sweet littles”. Stop it, Mothers.

I am not all doom and gloom, though. Not entirely. To end things here today on a positive note, I’d like to tell you that I have finally located the perfect nude nail polish for me. After many false starts, dashed hopes and wasted money, say hello to the Sally Hanson Color Therapy color “Re-nude.” I thought it was perfect but after years of color-selection failure, I began to doubt myself.

But then, I went out into the open air to mingle with the GenPop. I was standing at a clip-board, signing in as one must these days, and the person watching me do it literally choked out “wait … what?” and then said “Oh! What a great nail color. It’s like it’s there and it’s not there.”

And that is how I know this is the perfect nude nail polish.

hello, perfection!

6 thoughts on “In Which the Complaining Starts”

  1. Don’t get me started about children and their mothers! I could write a book about my insane step daughter and her littles that aren’t so fecking little.

    LOVE the polish shade! Major coup, finding that!

  2. What a repulsive little twerp!!! I am very fond of my grandsons, ages 7 and 8, and when they are being good I call them “luvs.” When not, I bark at them starting with a drill master’s “Hey!!” And when they are at my house they are only allowed to play with non-digital toys or ride their bikes. No junk food either for them. Looking for that polish.
    Will be looking for that nail color.

  3. I’m going to try that polish because I have been trying to pink the perfect nude as well! As for the littles, it irks me as much as the kiddos!

    1. All of the colors I really love come from the dollar store but they can’t be replicated in name brands and they chip away in one day. With this polish, it’s as close as I can get to the beloved but extinct LA Colors #502. I finish it with a gel top coat and it lasts 8-9 days and it looks like a pro job.

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