Slowly Reclaiming My Schedule

I’ve been so pleased with myself since I’ve retired. Imagine that every day is Saturday and you have no obligations and you only do the things you want to do. Reminder: what I wanted to do was take naps, float around in the pool and possibly set up a raft and take naps in the pool.

Flash forward 3 years or so: I had to get an Alexa to tell me what day garbage is picked up. I joined a local volunteer group that only meets once a month and there’s no social shaming of you don’t feel like showing up and I have successfully avoided being forced onto someone else’s clock for any reason. UNTIL … I had a major heart attack*.

Now it’s all about appointments set by other people’s clocks, eating meals of limited cuisine at regular times and modest pre-approved exercise which is pretty much the life of a federal prisoner. I shouldn’t complain because this is an example of my schedule before:

I had a new dining room area rug delivered in January. I kept it in the original shipping wrappings behind that curtain until September when the stars aligned and resigned helpers moved the table and chairs, rolled the old rug, set up the new and out everything back in its place. That rug was not willing to lie flat after being rolled so long, so I pulled out all the heavy containers from the pantry and set them up along the short edges of the rug.

As I said, this was in September. If I needed something that was formerly in the pantry and now holding down the rug, I picked up just that one thing and left the others behind. Sounds slothful as I type it out but this was my preferred schedule of doing things (when I felt like it). Today I felt like making steel cut oats for breakfast so now the canned spaghetti sauce stands alone. I don’t know why I even bought that, so it might be there a while longer.

BUT! I’m developing a productive schedulable just for me, with a forgiving timeline making it more likely I’ll stick to it. Here it is: When I get out of bed and after morning ablutions, I click onto a YouTube video called “Peaceful Uplifting Music.” Don’t bother searching for it. It’s basically Yanni with an overlaid track of incessant bird sounds Then I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes, lift up my chin- thus opening my heart – and apply a witchhazel-soaked cotton pad to each eye. It’s not onerous, it doesn’t confuse my old dog and i can get it over with early in the day.

Later on today, I’ll add the 27-minue YouTube video called “Resistance Bands for Seniors and Beginners”. I do not like anything about the using the resistance bands except how it makes me feel when it’s over with. Plus, I might possibly end up with Bell Yin without even trying.

*More on that later. Much more. Much, much more. Not because I feel compelled to bore you with detail but because my heart rules everything in my life now. If you get tired of me talking about my post-heart attack lifestyle, just wait until I start telling you about how I’m a vegan now.

10 thoughts on “Slowly Reclaiming My Schedule”


    We’ve been sending all-purpose prayers and positive vibes in the absence of posts or information. I’ll be interested to hear what your cardiologist says compared to mine as I approach the 1 year mark on my event.

    (And please put a piece of cardboard under the pasta sauce lest the iron conspire with the humidity to leave a ring.)

  2. KISS FACE KISS FACE In summary, I’m better than I ever was. I can always count on you to be.a prudent and instructive guide.

    KISS FACE this is not a calming exercise for me without a convenient emoji table. I’m going to have to do some stress breathing now.

  3. Yay! You are an inspiration, out here on the forgotten frontier of blogging. Glad to see you and I’m sure, for you, the correct comeback is, “Nice to be seen!” Huzzah!

  4. Ditto on using heavy objects to weigh down the corners of newly laid rugs. I use heavy books after discovering that my heavy cat refused to stay where I wanted her.

    SO SO SO happy to hear from you again! I see your lovely snark on Twitter, but a nice long post is even better.

    Please do share. We want to know!

  5. So happy to hear from you again. Have been reading your Twitter in the meantime. Do let us know about your diet and other convalescent updates!!!! Better than the presidential biz..

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