Masking Update

My daughter, who is quite the comedian, sent us a pair of matching face masks.


Believe your eyes. The fabric pattern is stabby butcher knives. If anyone violates my six foot safety zone, they’ll be close enough to see the knives and get the hint. This strategy has proven to be politely effective about 50% of the time. My previous strategy if anyone blatantly disregarded the sanctity of my six foot safety zone, was to slow roll my handicap scooter in their general direction, bug out my eyes and say ooh ooh ohh as if it was out of my control and I had nothing to do with it. THAT was 100% effective.

3 thoughts on “Masking Update”

  1. A friend of my daughter’s has a mask w penises on it. If anybody comments, she tells them they are not observing the 6 foot distancing.

  2. Doing the cowboy bandana, mainly to avoid the pointing amid shouts of UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!
    Who’re we kidding. Germs are tiny.

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