Blogging Will Be Light

Spoiler: Once you look past official media coverage, it’s surprising to learn how deep is the hatred for Meghan Markle by regular British people. Not annoyance or dislike – actual hatred. 

Somehow I fell into several Brit blogs and tweeters dedicated to sleuthing the mystery of Meghan Markle and her fake pregnancy. I live now in a world of  a non-stop examination of surrogates, pregnancy pillows (new vocabulary wood: moonbump), moving due dates  and Meghan’s “bump behavior”, including a day to day record of the big-then-small-again size and shape of the bump and  documentation of her deliberate coat-flicking.

I tell you, it’s like a round-the-clock Art Bell Show of the British Royal Family. It’s utterly fascinating and I can hardly tear myself away. Blogging will be light until Baby Sussex is revealed to the world. And maybe not even then.

5 thoughts on “Blogging Will Be Light”

  1. Oh, my gosh! An “etiquette expert” says MM isn’t pregnant because she’s straightening her hair. What does that have to do w etiquette? And now I’m down the wormhole, too.

    1. It’s a vicious circle.

      -The media is desperate for a story because the baby wait has the attention of the readers, but in the absence of any news they start supposing things. No wonder MM locked herself away in her fortress.
      -On the other hand, because H&M have chosen to keep things a big secret, they’ve created this atmosphere of supposing, guessing and making a story out of nothing.

      That’s why I prefer the individual tweeters and bloggers who each have their axes to grind and write out of pure passion. Negative passion, but passion nonetheless.

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