I cannot get used to Judge Judy’s ponytail. I don’t find it even half as attractive as her iconic puffy layered bob. I cannot imagine what went into her decision to do this. Unless the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg left it to her in the will?


10 thoughts on “No”

  1. As much as I love all of your blog post since you moved to Florida, I truly miss the dissing of Michelle and daughters. Were you threatened by the Secret service or perhaps Hillary’s minions to stop that? Did I miss something?

    1. It was making me physically sick. I had to stop. I’ve been resting and regaining my strength back so if she decides to run as the Dem candidate 2020, I’LL BE READY starting with that gawd-awful shiny pajama suit.

  2. It gives her that gravitas when she calls complete idiots complete idiots, dontcha know?

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