Bloodied, But Unbowed

HELLO SUNSHINE.   Undaunted, she set about in search of her mandoline.

I could tell you about my loaf of bread that was both underbaked and a doorstop at the same time. Or maybe about the Grapefruit Vermouth Marmalade that you could use as weed killer. I might even have time to regale you about the reception of a one-pan chicken and rice dinner that was Not. Good.  Undaunted by the less than stellar results of my return to the kitchen,  today I attempted to make lime marmalade by using a mandoline to slice the whole limes and I could tell you all about that, too. But right now I’m looking for the bandaids.

4 thoughts on “Bloodied, But Unbowed”

    1. Chances are slim, Pam. I’m an aged crone who can’t do anything right any more. Can’t wrap a package, can’t paint a bedroom, can’t follow a recipie. But does it stop me from trying? NO I AM INDOMINABLE.

  1. Those recipe was easy (… to me. This is how I always go wrong. 😢 ) but I had my doubts about it because of its Euro origin. It was crafted for a Parisian palette so I questioned the level of sweetness. That’s not what went wrong – it was the addition of the vermouth that spoiled it. Up until that moment, the brew in the pot was sweet smelling and a lovely shade of deep pink. As soon as I poured the vermouth into it, the smell and the sweetness in the air immediately disappeared and it turned so dark that light wouldn’t shine through it. It was a sad culinary event. Also I might have overcooked it.

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