Patio Fruit Farmer Redux

CHAPTER ONE – Long-time readers will remember that I could not sucessfully farm a container Meyer Lemon Tree in NJ.

CHAPTER TWO – Sharp-eyed readers will realize that I haven’t mentioned the Brown Turkey Fig Tree in a container in many months. 

They’re both dead now.

CHAPTER THREE – Weary/sceptical readers are about to be pummeled with tales of my SUCCESSFUL Ponderosa Lemon Tree in a container. Look at this:


Apparently, this plant is a cross between a pomelo (?) and a citron. The fruit is enormous. These two are not as big as some I’ve seen on the internet but they are approximately one coke can high, so pretty impressive. I have no doubt I’ll get to harvest ripe fruit this time.

But what to do with it when I do harvest it? All of the nursery sites that sell this tree describe the fruit as “extra tart!” and provocatively invite you to imagine “how many pitchers of lemonade you make from just one of these lemons.” This might be too much for me.

On the other hand, big lemons make for big dreams and so my dilemma is that I only have 2 lemons for harvest now. I’d like to cut one for fresh use, make one into marmalade and candy one for use in homemade panettone. I have never marmaladed, candied or panettoned before  and yet the success of this fruit farming has gone to my head.

It’s a new year which as you know is a blank tablet. I’m writing Ponderosa Lemons on the first page.

Also, this:


Don’t want to brag but I’m also a successful Bird of Paradise farmer, so …

4 thoughts on “Patio Fruit Farmer Redux”

  1. I remember the tragic N.J. lemon tree! How nice that you can grow these tart cousins. And you’re very successful at Bird farming. I have some in my front bed (from previous owner) and though they grow as tall as my house (I have to keep cutting the huge plants down) the blooms are never as pretty as yours.

  2. Ponderosa? I think Pendulousia gianormica would be a more suitable name.

    And be careful what you wish – neighbor behind us has a citrus (satsuma orange) that is so productive they can’t give it away. Sort of the zucchini of citrus.

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