I had a dream a few nights ago and it hasn’t left me yet.

I was driving on a highway in a white convertible. I came near an off ramp that had the appearance of something on Route 80 in northeastern Pennsylvania combined with the flight pathway that George Jetson’s air car took when he was coming home from work. I Looked at it a little too long , trying to figure it out and when I turned my head forward again, the car in front of me wasn’t moving and I had only a short distance to stop mine.

I stood on the brake and I did manage to stop it but so suddenly that my car tipped forward and was balanced with the front grill against the surface of the road. The longest part of the dream was me in the driver’s seat of that upright car, knowing that it was probably going to slowly tilt forward and crush me but also thinking hey, maybe this is all that’s going to happen and I would survive.

I just sat there waiting for something to happen.

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