I Quit Facebook

Any one of us could make a list of all the reasons why Facebook aggravates us.  I have my own list. But I did it. I actually did it. I quit as of May 1.

And now that it’s done, I’d like to tell you that I’ve been congratulating myself and how much my life has been improved but that is not the case. Two unexpected side-effects have occurred:

  • A break in my usual internet surfing routine. I am pissed at myself for becoming addicted to FB. Pissed, I say. And I didn’t even like it there – I never did. But I slowly got used to hearing from people who are non-blog readers and there was a different set of commenters  on the pics I cross posted  to Instagram. I guess I’ll get over it – it’s only been 2 days.
  • A sharp uptick in internet shopping. Because what else do you do if your sitting in front of a computer all day and you don’t have FB to aggravate you anymore? Here’s what I bought today:

Crocs™ Europe | Crocs Shoes, Sandals & Clogs | Crocs.eu

In my defense, I need clogs to get around on the stupid ceramic tile flooring over a concrete slab that is my home now. Those floors are hard on regular knees, never mind screwed up ones like mine. Also, I use them to help lift myself up out of the pool. The stair risers are evenly spaced and easy to navigate but that top one includes a 2 1/2″ bull-nosed coping stone which makes it very difficult (impossible) for me to get out unassisted. Also, I got used to owning shoes that I can blow the stink off of by rinsing them in the sink. So I  NEEDED rainbow crocs. And I had the time to shop for them.


8 thoughts on “I Quit Facebook”

  1. Haha! I didn’t know you had finally put your blog on FB. I’m still reading you in my email and follow you on insta 🙂 I don’t own any crocs but if I had I pool & lovely patio I would get the rainbow color too!

  2. Were we “friends” on FB ? Since I discovered the joys of closed groups, I started my own “Secret Group”, upgraded from closed, for the Crawdad Hole blog. I just can’t do social media with my RL friends and family anymore, ya know, the ones who think Michelle is their Forever First Lady. Gigglesnort. Yeah, it’s addicting, but the only place I get the news since I gave up on network and cable news (really, Jessica Tarlov on Fox?).

    Love your new shoes!

  3. I don’t think we were. 😦 I only used it to cross post my Instagram photos anyway.

    My biggest peeve with FB is that its filled with people who don’t understand blogging. They cannot be helped.

    Don’t get me started on the FFL. Here’s my perfect yet completely ignored Tweet from today:

    1. Hey, I liked your tweet. But one is the loneliest number, right? Every day I contemplate deactivating FB. But how else would I keep up with friends? Or are they, if the only contact we have is my trolling them? Hmm.. I’ve never owned a pair of crocs, but those are fab.

      1. You are my number one most faithful super commenter/tweet liker 😘

        My life changed for the better the mi Ute I put a pair of crocs on my feet. I love them so much that I wrote a poem for them.

        Put em on your feet
        Get something to eat
        Drop it on the floor
        Stink em up some more
        Smell it with your nose
        Squirt em with a hose
        Dry then in the sun
        Love crocs a butt tonne.

  4. I shouldn’t gloat – mainly because FB was the late time-vampire to my internet party and just never got in the door. I was sorta like the drunk guy in a John Wayne western who walks through the violent, chaotic saloon brawl picking up the unattended bottle of red eye (only to have it shattered by a random gunshot).

  5. I began to boycott FB in 2008, when I was a stay at home mom. I found it a little fun and cute at first, but when a couple of my friends (who had real jobs, btw) started to get seriously mad at me because I wasn’t glued to FB and responding within the nanosecond to their drivel I decided enough was enough. My ire at FB is compounded by businesses and organizations who use it as their “website” and if you aren’t a FB subscriber the screen pop up prevents you from a normal view. How, I ask you, is that good for business???

    However, if I was still on FB I’d have a bling button that said, I heart Crocs. When the Crocs store has a sale I’ve been known to go a little crazy…

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