A Mistake

I saw this lovely old chest for sale in one of the local antique markets around here. And around here,  “antique ” means good old wood  stuff that some Etsy wannabe has ruined with chalk paint and then stenciled a sea shell on top. But this was different – it wasn’t chalk paint it was old fashioned oil based paint, lovingly worn away at the touch points instead of assaulted with 100 grit sand paper to look distressed*. The description in the local ad called this dresser “a lovely old gal” and she sure is. Even the modest floral design is hand-painted freehand and is exactly right.

ugh I did not buy this

But in person it was hideous. It’s hulking presence was enormous – the top was almost at my chin. The green and yellow hues which looked so appealing  in the photo were soiled with decades of cigarette smoke. It was just wrong.  And the price tag was an unacceptable $329.00.

But I was looking for a small dresser to put into the guestroom to hold bed linens and to be another surface for guests to lay out their stuff. At the same store, I found this sort of cottage-y thing at the right price ($50.00) and unfortunately wearing a coat of pale aqua chalk paint. It did have the original hardware which mercifully was unmolested. My intention was to paint it in the same color scheme as the lovely old gal and adorn it with a modest amount of tasteful floral decals.

ugh I did buy this

It might appear to be another hulking specimen but it’s really quite petite – only 36″ tall and 18″ x 29″. It sat for a week or two in the guest room while I thought things over, and then I bought two sample paint pots from Lowes. Today I applied spots of paint in various combinations to determine if it was going to be green on yellow or yellow on green. And while I was up close and personal with it, I made a discovery about this little dresser.

This is the point in my story where I apologize to the chalk paint. Because the chalk paint is the only thing holding it together. The person who sold it must have found the chopped up pieces in a wood pile somewhere and reassembled it. It’s that much of a mess. So instead of a simple independent painting project this has turned into a wood glue wood filler extensive sanding that then painting project that now depends on Sami . Who probably will conclude that he has a say in the finished appearance. Correction: … will erroneously conclude …

I’ve lost heart for it. I’m going to go through with the rehab just to get it out of my system and then I’ll sell it. I made a mistake bringing this home with me and I don’t want to be reminded of that.

*Distressed is exactly the right term for this treatment. I am EXTREMELY distressed by how many salvageable wood pieces have been sacrificed to appease the chalk paint gods.

1 thought on “A Mistake”

  1. Haha, I feel your pain. I have a cedar chest in my garage that I need to either repaint or ditch. I was painted multiple colors when I bought it. I simply thought someone had bad taste. Once I began to strip it, I realized the veneer is in terrible shape……great way to camouflage…..paint a bold pattern and a poor sap like me thinks you just have no taste, LOL! I either have to bite the bullet and try to apply new veneer (something I’ve never done), paint it or toss it. I’m leaning toward painting it and giving it to my older daughter, it’s a solid piece, the interior is in perfect condition.

    So where did you find your treasure? Corner of A-1-A and 17? A place on the island? Have you by chance checked out the habitat for humanity store in Kingsland just across the border? It’s hit or miss. I’ve been in there and ooohed and aaaahed over nice solid stuff. I’ve also been in there, quickly walked through and left because it was all crap.

    My opinion, if it needs a lot of work to make it sturdy and you’re not sure all your effort will accomplish that……then cut your losses, you’re only out $50. Check out Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx, they sometimes have small dressers. When Home Goods opens they will definitely have stuff. There are tons of used furniture stores in Jacksonville and a huge salvation army place on beach blvd. Very near SA is the hospice resale store. There are multiple large goodwill stores in Jacksonville……oh and there is a SA store that is pretty good size on Merrill road next to the Big Lots. Also, I saw recently where Lott’s furniture on the island is moving they may have some stuff on sale. Last but not least there is a furniture on US 17 in Jacksonville just after you cross under I-295 a mile or so down on the left. Furniture Mart I think it is. They have a “bargain basement” upstairs, sometimes whole sets but usually odd pieces. Of course none of the new stuff is going to be hunking, well built, solid wood stuff…….who knows if MAGA continues we may get our furniture industries back again!!

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