Middle Name: Excess

Corn-Glass-Gem-6639I bought a purple basil plant and it got me to thinking that I need 3 more purple basil plants. That’s how I do. I was cruising the internet this morning and found the most interesting website called Rare Seeds. They’ve got not only purple basil but orange-glo watermelons, black tomatoes and a really odd looking corn variety called Glass Gem. I am hypnotized. Now I forgot all about the purple basil.

Please talk me out of plowing up what’s left of my backyard lawn to make room for a crop of novelty corn.

4 thoughts on “Middle Name: Excess”

  1. I could get lost for hours on that seed site! Just bought some Philodendren Selloum seeds from an Etsy grower in the UK. and now I want some giant sunflowers…

  2. Pay attention to the photos of the whole cob corn because that’s how it really looks. The corn in the close-up which captivated you looks to have been brushed with a little oil to enhance its beauty. Plant *some,* but don’t rip out your whole yard. 🙂

  3. Remember your soil. It’s not what they have in Iowa where they grow corn quite well. But if you happen to see rolling fields of corn where citrus groves once graced the landscape, please disregard.

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