Purple Front Door; Purple Back Garden

I am feverishly involved in planning the layout of a flower bed  that has no flowers. Also, it’s full sun and irritatingly sandy soil. Florida – you and lush tropicalness are a big tease! Everything i like and/or know about burns and/or dies.

One does love a challenge, though doesn’t one? To make this project extra challenging,  I’m going to try and limit the plants to only purple tones. Stay tuned.

Also, I’m going to get drummed out of Florida unless I put up an outdoor heron soon. So I’m going to incorporate one into my flowerless bed even though they are not purple. Which one do you like – the corny girly one with mini solar lights in its belly or the slightly shorter one that can rip out the screen of the pool enclosure with that metal beak if it falls over?






8 thoughts on “Purple Front Door; Purple Back Garden”

  1. The sand was a bit of a shock to me as well… nothing grows well here except what is already here… I killed so many plants in the beginning… 😉

  2. Incorporate a little potting soil into you bed, it will be miraculous. Better yet make a raised bed and just put a couple of inches of potting soil on top.

    Lots of purple flowers to pick from, be mindful of what will take the heat. Purple lantana grows like a weed. Zinnia, moss rose and vinca will all take the heat. Mexican heather will too. Most likely mums will unless it is literally all day sun. Same for verbena and gerbera daisies. You could always plant a bush or small tree to block or filter some of the sun. Do NOT plant wisteria you will regret it.
    Hydrangea are purple here due to acidic soil, but they can’t take full sun. Oleander can but it is poisonous if your dog nibbles on plants. A trellis with mandevilla or bougainvillea as a back drop would be gorgeous and help filter some sun so you could expand your plant choices.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh wait check out the little topiaries at Lowe’s. Facing store from parking lot some out front to the left. More choices inside, just left if center all the way back….2 rows left from center I believe…..again NO wisteria. They have a sage and a lantana topiary that are purple, might have others.

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