I Didn’t Predict This At All

When we sold our family home in NJ, my plan was to leave everything behind and replace all of the mismatched and almost-good-enough stuff with things that were 1.) brand new 2.) coordinated in theme color and design and 3.) fully functional. While I did manage to jettison quite a lot of stuff , I also brought with me more than I intended.

This plan consisted of 2 parts – first, I had to leave stuff behind and then had to buy new stuff. Dream come true! Imagine the utter thrill of shopping for everything new. I could have a unified design theme. I could have up-to-date features and appearances. It was the ultimate fantasy for someone who “made do” for 32 years in the same location and collected a hodge-podge of things that added up to a pleasant but disjointed and uncoordinated living situation.

I threw myself whole-heartedly into dreaming, planning, and shopping for our new home. It took less than a year before I was sick of shopping. Sick. Of. Shopping.


I’m telling you this now because I’m shopping for a new stove and frankly, I am afraid that I’m just not up to it. Here’s what I want in a new stove:

  • a flat ceramic cooking surface
  • a convection feature
  • a double oven

The problem is that there are too many stoves that fit these criteria. The last time I bought a stove the choices were simple: you could get an electric stove or you could get a gas stove.  This time, I’m paralyzed because I can’t make a decision between the one with the preset pizza/chicken nugget setting or the one that has a Sabbath mode.  I don’t need either one of these features but I’m agonizing over the decision none the less.

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Predict This At All”

  1. What is Sabbath mode? Does that mean you don’t have to turn it on or do any actual work to fix the meal? Is it preprogrammed. I want that!

    1. “On the sabbath, you are not supposed to light a fire, extinguish a fire, nor engage in cooking food. Sabbath mode disables features that might be construed as creating a “spark” of electricity.

      When an oven is in Shabbat mode, the standard six- or twelve-hour automatic shutoff is overridden, and all lights and displays (for example, a light that might go on when the door is opened) are disabled.”


      Apparently, there are Sabbath mode refrigerators, too.

  2. I know, I know. Let me simplify things for you: use Consumer Report and follow their suggestions. Works for me, washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner’ + +. It will make your life easier, just like mine, I sincerely hope.

    You have More Important things to do in life than trying to figure out this stuff.

    All the best, Jane.

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