World Famous Fashion Icon Grace Jones?

There’s nothing I’d like better than to see these two drop permanent off the face of the earth altogether but I must say I’m enjoying these ghastly portraits immensely. I’m not going to bother repeating the well-deserved criticisms of the artist’s technical skills, her intentions or her hidden messages. But I would like to ask a question that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else on the internet:

Can anyone vouch for the whereabouts of Grace Jones when this portrait was being painted?

One is a world famous fashion icon. The other one is Michelle Obama.


Best meme I’ve seen so far. Wish i knew who to credit for this because it is spot on.

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7 thoughts on “World Famous Fashion Icon Grace Jones?”

  1. I think the person that developed the cover for Capt. Crunch cereal would have been a better choice for artist. I’m guessing they’re probably retired, or dead. It’s that, or they were too busy.

  2. Did you read the thing about the sperm cell on his forehead?

    I’m very much in favor of this portrait being accessible forever. I can’t ghink of a more appropriate representation of the Obama years.

  3. Just another data point on the Obama Legacy tracking the failed Carter presidency. If past is prologue, look at all the foolish actions and statements from Jimmah and Rosalynn over the years. The more they flail and thrash attempting to distract from his four years of *abject* failure, the more failure they demonstrate. Shoulda stuck to quietly building houses.

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