Our Beloved EKTORP

For reasons that are boring even to me, I find myself on the brink of buying a flat pack love seat from Ikea.

Okay. I’ll confess – the reasons are:

  • we don’t have enough mess and turmoil in this house where only 2 oldsters live
  • we think the challenge of bolting a piece of upholstered furniture together will be good for our marriage
  • it will be good practice for trying to zip up a handrail cover that has only 1/8″ of fabric beyond the dimensions of the rail itself
  • we have faith that a love seat that costs $359 will be a quality long term investment

I am at the point where I have to admit that this might be the only option for me.  I never had anything from Ikea and know only only college students or people in their first solo apartments who have had. Does anyone here have experience with upholstered furniture from Ikea? Or the longevity of any of their furniture? Comments appreciated.




17 thoughts on “Our Beloved EKTORP”

      1. Some of those pictures look like the safety card illustrations on airplanes – the life raft deployments, especially. Good luck!

  1. From experience, many days are required to study the instructions, verify the assemble pieces, and create a better tolerance for the amount of scotch required for the task. Usually, it takes about a half fifth every two days for a week. After that assembly is not only fun, it gives me many fasteners to add to my collection.

    “That’s not what it looks like in the pictures.”

    “Sure it is, just turn the picture over and have another drink.”

  2. My young adult children who have had ikea furniture couldn’t wait to pass it down to the next college freshman available. That said, we do have one ikea chair mixed in with our “better” furniture that doesn’t look too bad. It isn’t getting the hard use tho, either.

  3. Questions to challenge the idea:
    1) Is this piece really necessary?
    2) IF so, is this the best choice among all considered alternatives?
    3) Which is more entertaining – frustrated spouses wailing and gnashing teeth in a prolonged, searing session or sweaty men wrestling new furniture quickly into place and disappearing?
    4) Are you certain you can securely pin the blame for abject failure on anyone else?

    Proceed at your own risk. Post video of results for best entertainment value.

    1. Here’s the thing. We’re converting a small bedroom into a den. The door is only 30″ wide and the weirdly angled narrow hallway limit the contortions that can be done to get a piece of upholstered furniture fit into the room. So flat pack seems to be the only option. And short of spending $3K+, Ikea is the only option.

      I hate when I can’t get exactly what I want.

  4. I’ll be the contrarian here. I like Ikea stuff. It’s solid, reasonably priced, easy to assemble and holds up well in light-to-moderate use. We’ve worn out a piece or two, mostly by heavier-than-normal use.

    1. OK – I have a whole house full of IKEA stuff from furniture to my kitchen cabinets (which are lovely and have the most wonderful pullout shelves). As for the Ektorp… I have a full size couch and 2 of the chairs. They are easy to put together… all the directions are pictures … my autistic son is a whiz at assembling IKEA furniture. The only piece I would avoid is the Hemnes Daybed… that is a bear to put together… but it did go together. For the money I think the quality is fine. I don’t expect this stuff to last 100 years, but I have found the items I have to be quite durable. I think you’ll be happy with the purchase.

      1. Thanks for this comment. I see there’s a fairly significant after market in Ikea covers. Have you ever replaced the original cover? Because I don’t even have the love seat yet but I’m already considering a nice looking chenille cover I see on eBay.

        1. I’ve had no problem changing the slipcovers… I have a sort of velour set for winter and a linen set for summer. I got them both from Ikea. I have seen the aftermarket covers and there are some great looking ones. I don’t think it would be a problem to use them either.

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