I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

I was going to start yakking about how everybody I love is dead but that’s not true. You’re not dead. But here’s my current list to mourn because I discovered them too late:

  • Freddy Mercury
  • Jim Pepper
  • Sami Davis Jr.
  • Radka Toneff

This week everyone was busy with the moon. On normal nights, the place where I live offers the most fantastic vantages to  view the moon (and the sun)  in all phases. But I chose to look at the effects of the Super Blue Lunar Moon Eclipse from my patio. WHICH WAS BEAUTIFUL. I looked out the window at the other worldly effect of the moon rays and immediate said to myself wow the moon really is a harsh mistress.

I know this is riveting so far but this is where it gets interesting. After I filled myself with repetitive playing of my Favorited versions of that song (winner: Jimmy Webb himself), I started listening to cover versions. And so holy cow listen to this:

She’s a dead person. Dead a long time in fact. And now I’m listening to everything I can find on YouTube. Her Mr Bojangles almost did me in.

Her interpretations are hauntingly beautiful – and if you know me at all you know I don’t talk like this under any previous circumstance – but it applies this time. Also melancholy. Quite melancholy indeed. A translation of her Wikipedia page translated from Norwegian to English says that she walked into the woods with a bottle of sleeping pills at age 30 and that was it.  Did the songs depress her or was she choosing melancholy tunes because she was depressed?

I would like to note for the record that when she was sporting that messy tight curly perm thing in the 70s,  I had the same hairdo except mine was blonde and Mr Bojangles was a top 40 radio embarrassment to me. I was so stupid then.

One thought on “I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

  1. I listened to some of Radka’s covers… so hauntingly beautiful. Not the same thing at all, but she reminds me of Nina Simone. There’s the same undercurrent in everything she sings.

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