Current State: Sluggish (updated)

Dateline January 28th:

General: I’m proud to say that all of my Christmas decorations are down, sorry to say that only most of them are packed and ashamed to say that none of them have been stored away yet.

Decorating: The “baby room” is emptied, spackled and taped – ready for painting. The paint has been purchased (Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua)  but Sami isn’t feeling well and I haven’t had the nerve to tackle a paint job by myself in years. Let’s just say I wouldn’t last long. I’m getting sick of myself.

Outdoors: During preparation for Hurricane Irma last September, we put the NJ birdbath into the shed and it remains there to this day. I’m getting ready to return it back to the front of the house but this time I’m going to put it between the 2 palm trees ass-end towards me so that I can enjoy those little concrete butt feathers whenever I look out my office window.

UPDATE: I did mange to wrestle the pieces of the bird bath out to the front. Not only did I bust an actual gut doing it but I may also have detached a retina. It’s stumpy little presence belies how unbelievably heavy and awkward to handle each piece is.


The moss on the palm trees doesn’t usually look so obnoxious. It rained heavily during the night and that made the moss stand out on the wet trunks. Also, how about that concrete knothole? I think I’d best turn it around before the neighbors get a load of it.

In order to make it appear more the height of a standard birdbath, I put it up on some spare wall blocks that were hanging around in the garage, plus the red concrete log slice that came from NJ with it. It’s too much. I’ve got to get rid of one layer of base but am unsure which one? The concrete blocks will darken as they weather to match the ones that were here when we moved in, but the log slice has always been part of the bird batch set up and the color matches the red rubber mulch stuff. What to do?

Outdoors Part B: Have I mentioned how much I love that solar pool blanket? We put it on 5 days ago and the water temperature is up by 9 degrees during a dreary weather week with only one full day of weak winter sun.

Shopping: GOD BLESS THE DONALD TRUMP TAX CUTS  Let’s go shopping! Here’s what I’m shopping for at the moment:

  • more bathing suits
  • an automatic dish soap dispenser
  • boiled linseed oil
  • hot pink Huggable Hangers
  • I’m thinking about these dusk-to-dawn light bulbs for the outdoor fixtures on the sides of the garage door.  Anybody have any experience with these?

Domestic details: 100% uninterested in any kind of housework beyond doing laundry. And even then I only like to wash things but I don’t like putting them away. Maybe I have SAD. The weather things say we’re going to have 10 hours and 21 minute of daylight today. No wonder I’m droopy.

That’s the news. No wonder I don’t have any readers left, let alone commenters save for the very few old faithfuls. I don’t blame you.


14 thoughts on “Current State: Sluggish (updated)

  1. I am generally too lazy to comment, but I love reading your posts! So I guess I qualify as a faithful lurker…
    Love the butt feathers!

  2. Well, there is all of February stretched out before us. Just got back from FL, and wish I had FL to look forward to. Even the 33 deg mornings beat the dreariness up north.

  3. Leave it to the Gummit to Make Light Bulbs Complicated. That said, the LED technology has taken the mercury toxin swirlybulb stink out of it. We switched to LED floods outside and added a separate photo sensor switch with good results (mainly that I haven’t had to replace a bulb in 3 years).

    But now I have to figure a strategy to convert interior lighting from GE’s Reveal incandescent to LED. Ain’t gonna be cheap.

    (Boiled linseed sounds like a serious refinishing project has been left off the manifest above.)

  4. I have a gizmo that screws into the back yard light fixture, then the bulb screws into said gizmo. The dusk/dawn sensor is in the gizmo, and it only cost a few bucks at one of the big hardware stores. Only issue might be the extra two inches of length, which could make it too long for your fixture.

  5. I am a long term faithful reader, united through a mutual distaste (understatement of the decade) of hildabeast. I have only commented a few times, but wanted you to know I am still reading 😀 I actually discovered your blog through an Ace of Spades HQ link years ago.

  6. Re: birdbath, I would dig a hole in the mulch to nestle the concrete blocks 1/2-2/3 deep. Or get a teenage boy to do it, if you have any around.

  7. I say lose the concrete blocks or paint them dark so they disappear. I wondered if you brought your birdbath with you to FL. I check in every few days but don’t comment.

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