Current State

“It feels like spring here”, she said cautiously. Is Florida winter over now? I hope so because I’m desperate to get into the pool again.

I went to the doctor yesterday for an annual exam and he told me that I need to get more exercise. Which would mean more than the zero exercise I get now. Well, technically, the random relocations throughout the day from the bed to the bathroom to the office  to the sofa would count for approximately 1/4 on a scale of 0 to 100.   But I no longer walk the dog outside and I realize I only shop at places that have those scooters with a basket on the front. So pretty pathetic.

But in just a few short weeks (please Jesus), I’ll be able to swim again. Not swim so much as exercise in a way I can’t on dry land and then reward myself with floating around listening to the radio. I didn’t want to spoil the perfect design of my pool area but it had to be done. We invested in a pool blanket (which is a giant sheet of bubble wrap) which is going to extend the swim season by several weeks on each end. Now we have a reel and a cover for the reel when the blanket is rolled up. It looks like hell but when it’s spread out the blanket collects solar rays and passively heats the pool water and when we use the heater, it keeps the heat in overnight and minimizes evaporation. All this means that as long as the air temp is reasonable, we can get in the pool and be comfortable. And move like regular people do  on land.


Anyway, time to relocate to the sofa. That should be worth about 20-25 calories


YouTube obsession of the week:  Australian Soldiers in World War II singing Waltzing Matilda

1 thought on “Current State”

  1. Pool looks fabulous! I’m way jealous Corgi so cute. Do the Corgis allow you to channel your inner Queen Elizabeth?

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