In Which I Learn To Chant DUVAL!

Much to my own surprise, I am totally wrapped up in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It started last year when I was a dinner guest at a fancy club. It was cool weather so I was wearing my very elegant Dennis Basso Cheetah faux fur leopard jacket from QVC and some chatty (drunken) man came up to me and complimented me on my team spirit. Really, you should see me in this thing. I look sensational. I had no idea that he was talking about the local pro ball team but I took the compliment and in return gave him the wildcat scratching air sign , which I learned from Wayne Newton.

Anyway, flash forward to last Sunday when I could hardly get into the supermarket because there were more people there than my last 5 visits put together and 80% of the shoppers were male.  At noon, all of the wings, ribs, chips etc were shopped clean but this was the first time I ever saw the trays of prepared foods in the cold deli case scraped bare. The light bulb slowed tuned on as I put 2+2 together and realized this was why my local FB page was burning up with people looking for viewing parties. Aha. Football. Sacksonville. 

I have another connection to the Jags. When my son was 10 or 12 I bought him one of those big puffy jackets – what were they called? They were all professional sports teams ,maybe just football? and his was the Jacksonville Jaguars. They must not have been much a of team then because it seems like the Dallas Cowboys dominated the puffy jacket market. So pretty sure that makes me a legit long time fan.

And so today I knew  enough to stay away from the supermarkets. I have the Jax vs NE game on but without sound because I cannot stand the suspense and I’m getting totally wound up by the Jax vs NE twitter stream. I will say from my position as a newly minted professional football authority that I totally get why people think the refs make call that favor New England. Gawd.

This is nerve wracking.



2 thoughts on “In Which I Learn To Chant DUVAL!”

  1. And here I sit in downtown Mpls at work seeing all the prep taking place for the Superbowl. Was super excited until yesterday. It’s just not meant to be I guess. I will now be rooting for the Patriots because we simply can’t have the Eagles win in our hometown. 😦

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