Goodbye to 2017


These are the highlights from my year:

  • Fully understood that Florida has a strong gun culture.
  • Installed a solar tube in the kitchen.
  • Learned about basted eggs from Ricky Ricardo.
  • Sold our NJ house in 2 days.
  • Struggled to find things to spray paint – but I did!
  • Embraced the “local shrimp” culture.
  • Survived the aggravating construction of a swimming pool.
  • Experienced a major hurricane as a Florida homeowner.
  • Painted and furnished a guest bedroom in 7 days after procrastinating for 14 months.

There was probably more but I stopped blogging for several months and I lost the chronicle of my life. Even without the details at my fingertips, I can say this was a good year.

Now Sami & I are looking forward to the new year:  one more room to paint/decorate, lots of swimming and by swimming I mean floating around listening to  Classic Rock on the radio, and much repair/replacement of our debilitated and damaged old bodies. You know those attractive seniors on TV ads – the ones who are always briskly walking in the autumn sunlight or tearing around playing sports with young grandchildren? That’s not us. Not by a long shot.

I doubt that I’ll be making any resolutions tomorrow. What’s the point? I see now from the vantage of a long life that New Year’s resolutions are not promises to yourself; they are simply an airing of your deficiencies, frequently the same ones over and over. I’m Catholic  – I don’t need any more of that type of activity.


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