UPDATE Update to Yesterday’s Bedroom 2 Redo Post

See: It’s Not Going Well.

UPDATE: Well, it is and it isn’t. Giving up the vintage orchid lamp as the central design element of the guest room changed everything. Once I put in the old Ethan Allen lamp that used to be in my formal Queen Anne-style parlor in NJ, the whole character of the room changed. Even with only that one lamp in it, the vibe went from Craigslist Hodgepodge to Elegant Assemblage .

I guess I really loved my early 90’s self  then – or at least my early 90’s design sensibility – because I saved a lot of that stuff during the Great Interstate Clutter Purge of ’16 as we prepared to move to Florida. Now that the lamp is there, I can use a small side chair covered in a matching fabric for the desk  and I can hang the two sizable botanical rose prints that  Sami bought from The Bombay Company for two different anniversaries. I even have a small ceramic tray that matches the lamp base. I just couldn’t let this stuff go even though they have been stored in a closet ever since we got here. I must really have missed it.

It’s like you move 1200 miles away and leave your cat behind and then a year later the cat shows up at your new home and you realize what a gap there’s been in your life.

Cat lovers please do not email me with threats and insults. I know that your beloved cats are not the same as inanimate objects. I’M JUST SAYING.

Anyway, I think I can still use the crocheted things and burlap things I have collected as accessories. Don’t panic – I won’t over do them . They’ll bring some informality to what is shaping up to be this new  decor genre I just invented – Elegant But Thrifty Assemblage Of Cast Offs That Look A Lot Better Than You Think They Would.

On the other hand, the foundation for the new mattress is still held prisoner in the UPS receiving center in Jacksonville. What a mess UPS is! The many customer service people that Sami and I spoke to over the course of yesterday afternoon and evening revealed that this location has been having problems since Black Friday and although our package has been there since 12/15, we probably won’t see it until 1/15 at the earliest. Three things that add to the aggravation here:

  • Every day, the UPS tracking website says the delivery is scheduled for today. Stop telling me that if we all know it isn’t true.
  • I did get a small light package yesterday delivered by UPS. Dudes, everybody would like to cherry pick the easy work if they could – where is my 37 pound bed support?
  • Every single package that came to me via FedEx came exactly on time with no fuss and no problem. So it can be done IF YOU’RE ORGANIZED AND PREPARED.

I”m telling you this because Sami has hatched a grand plan to create a 2 x 4 and plywood  platform to use temporarily so that we can unfurl the compressed memory foam mattress. He’s been gone to Home Depot for about 3 hours now, never a good sign.

I was hoping this would be an easy thing to finish so that the mattress has enough time to resume its shape and shake off its stink. Looks like we are going to run into overtime as darkness falls, and that the best scenario we can hope for today.


b and a

Welp, there it is. Our California visitors no longer have to worry about having to sleep on a cold tile floor for Christmas and can now relax and enjoy coast-to-coast holiday air travel and all that it entails.

Good news – there’s no stink to this mattress and it seems to be mostly puffed up already. The papers that were tucked inside the packaging say to give it 24-48 hours to fully puff up so we now have that luxury, thanks to Sami who spent half of today (his birthday) working on this. Frankly, I know that he was secretly very pleased about this because now he has an additional $62.00 worth of wood to add to his hoard. He’s been lobbying to Frankenstein some shelving together for the shed so he can retain all of his garage hoard but I’ve been successfully holding him off in favor of keeping the shed mostly clear for hurricane storage. He tipped his hand today and now there’s nothing I can do about it.

So happy birthday, Sami you lovable old hoarder, you.




5 thoughts on “UPDATE Update to Yesterday’s Bedroom 2 Redo Post”

  1. Me (and my cat) are looking forward to the grand finale photo of the guest room! I would sleep in a hallway on the floor if it meant having access to your awesome pool 🙂

    1. The pool is a different story! We got a solar blanket so we can crank the heat up and keep it in so our visitors can swim while they’re here even if the air temp is low. The blanket is stretched out waiting to be cut to fit but delivery of the reel that moves it easily has been delayed until after Christmas. It’s not so critical because we can all take a side and move it back and forth manually, it just would have been much easier if the reel was delivered on 12/22 as promised.

      Our little Danger Dog here is fascinated by the cover and its only a matter of time until he moves that foot one inch father and goes in for an unintended swim.

  2. Sami may have outsmarted himself*. I’d be sorely tempted to tell UPS “Return to Sender”, paint the wooden frame a suitable color and call it square. The new lumber is then permanently purposed. Boom.

    And I say all of this as one who used most of the lumber from the fencing taken down during the Clark Griswold Memorial Pool Project as temporary Frankenfence (14 months) and finally a compost box of my own design.

    *I do this all the time, so I’m not judging.

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