DIY (Cheap) Christmas Decorations

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you don’t know that I made my own door decoration for Christmas this year. And it’s fabulous.

I put two bargain wreaths with Dollar Tree bows around the lanterns on both sides of the garage so I didn’t want to put another wreath on the front door. I wanted something different. But try and find it! I did see a few Santa Heads for outrageous prices and they weren’t all that hot to tell the truth. I had an idea for a Santa flag hung from a dowel but I thought that might be too swing-y when the door moved, putting the new purple paint job at risk for scratching. So I turned to the internet for inspiration and found the perfect thing: a clutch of big candy canes tied with a bow ad decorated with festive Christmas trimmings.

The internet is both a blessing and a curse. You can find anything you’re interested in but some of that stuff has been around a long long time and doesn’t really exist anymore. The latter is the case for the perfect candy cane door hanger.  So armed with nothing more than burning desire and a skill for bargain shopping, I set out to assemble the components. God bless Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby! I should have taken the photo with me when I went and more importantly when I was trying to put it all together, but on the whole it’s not half bad.


I could kick myself because I had those sprigs of small red and white berries in my hand and I see now they would have been better, but overall – really not bad. If you google candy cane door hanger , you’ll see some gruesome sights so I’m glad this one turned out half way decent. The original was a seller on Etsy from 2 years ago so all I had to go by was the picture but I think I acquitted myself with an acceptable product. No instructions – I just held things together until they looked right to me and then taped them to the bundle one at a time. One word: Gorilla Glue Duct Tape.  Okay, four words.

If you’re bored with my decorating tales – don’t worry! By next week, I’ll be blogging exclusively about the consistency of cookie dough.

If you find my insistence on using Dollar Tree items as part of everything I do dreary and sad – don’t worry! I’m about to go overboard and pull the trigger on a $125 accent lamp in the form of an 8″ tall ceramic rabbit.


6 thoughts on “DIY (Cheap) Christmas Decorations”

  1. Agreed I like your decoration way better! The other one is far too busy. My theme this year is Silver and Gold meets Modern Rustic in my LR/DR. Next Christmas I will have a new dark gray sofa so I’m going to add deep dark purple velvet to the mix! I can’t wait!

    1. You know I do love a very specific decorating theme. The only thing that would enhance yours is to further define it as Silver and Gold Meets Modern Rustic in my LR/DR With Sleigh Bells And Old Ice Skates.

  2. I like your door decoration a little bit more because of it’s simplicity. You also followed the artistic order — always use an odd number of things as it is more pleasing to the eye. And the door color is to die for!

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