Despite a Long History of Evidence to the Contrary, I Have Faith That My Instincts Are Good About This.

I’m wracked with doubt about this project. Why did I ever paint over the sophisticated color palette that was in the guest room to start with? I’m telling myself that this was the right thing to do because

a. the room is on the north side of the house and gets less natural light than the other side and

b. the brown accent wall had the room’s only window and the contrast between dark wall and outside opening was hard on the eyes.

c. I’m going for vintage tranquility and other worldness not modern reality no matter how sophisticated it is. I want my guests to be in special place that is different from their daily surroundings.


That last one sounded pretty good, didn’t it? I’m just not in love with my choice here. Maybe these two framed prints I ordered this week will give me back my confidence: pf

They add an air of tranquility and other worldliness don’t they? I dithered around so long about what size would be right that when I finally did order them, I don’t know if I got big ones or small ones. I guess we’ll all be surprised.

From our Department of Melting Credit Cards, I ordered a queen-sized foundation and mattress. From Walmart. (!) It’s one of those gel-topped memory foam things that comes all compressed and you have to set it free of the packaging to get it to resume its footprint. Although these two things were ridiculously inexpensive, we slept on this mattress at my sister’s house when we evacuated for the hurricane in September. It was extremely comfortable and we didn’t sink down into the foam during the night creating that awful I can’t turn over feeling of some other memory foam mattresses I have known.

It’s not as quite crazy as it sounds, buying a cheap mattress from Walmart. I know somebody who spent thousands on a genuine Therapedic brand mattress and within 3 months, her husband’s side of the memory foam compressed by 60%. The company told her this is a known issue that happens to 30% of the mattresses they sell. So  if my mattress compresses I’ll get it replaced or if its out of warranty, spend another $300 to replace it and I’m still ahead of the game. Also, this is the guest room so it’s not like someone will be sleeping on it every night. Even though I make this compelling argument to common sense, I’m not 100% settled about this decision either.

And so with 2 iffy decisions niggling at me, I feel that I must tell you that I’m now obsessed with this STUNNING MAJOLICA GREEN PORCELAIN BUNNY RABBIT LAMP W/NEW SHADE AND WOOD BASE. It doesn’t even make sense for what I was planning to do in there, but i just have the sense that it will really be the standout time in a room where everything was chosen to stand out.


 The front and the sides are good too but this angle is my favorite. The bunny part is only 8″ of the total 17″ height.  I admit that it is a ridiculous asking price but hey I saved all that money by getting a Walmart mattress,  so …


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