signed, Mellow In Florida

I was going to tittle this post “The Kinder Gentler Suzette” but in light of the fact that I’m mulling over a blog series called Hillary Packs!, it might not be especially kind or gentle around here for all that long.

Yes, Hillary Packs! in which our intrepid heroine prepares to flee the country ahead of the inevitable indictments. Each blog post would be about a single thing she’d be packing, say vodka* chardonnay or various types of crutches. Maybe she won’t pack a suitcase but just load up her Scooby van and head for the Canadian border. [sidebar: Do we have a extradition agreement with Canada?]

[*THIS should have been a big hint about what she was up to with that Uranium One business – a sudden an unlimited supply of Russian Standard. That’s one thing that never changes about HRC. She always tells us what she’s doing, one way or another.]

I don’t know.  I’m telling myself in can make people laugh with the Hillary series, but you’ll remember that I had to give up blogging about World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ because she made me sick.

Okay. Here’s one for old times sake:


Or maybe this?


Nevermind. I’m done with them and now I’ve put myself in a bad mood. And to think this post was going to be about Santa.

4 thoughts on “signed, Mellow In Florida”

  1. Imagine how soul-crushing it must be for the Secret Service agents sentenced assigned to the HRC protection detail. What’s her code name, Harridan? Harpy? Pinnochiette?

  2. Good GOD. Lately I’ve been using the old Goofus and Gallant series as a way to “distinguish” between people with, you know, manners, and those who are, let’s say, “more porcine in nature.” I had the O’s on ignore the entire — eight was it? — years. Not even slightly joking or fibbing here. The. Entire. Eight. Years. So this side-by-side thing is most “disturbing.” Talk about Goofus and Gallant, The First Lady Edition. I love your writing. You know that.

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