I Didn’t Get Close Enough To Find Out

There are two main types of lizards around here: anoles and something else – little gecko looking things that are green, brown or black. I’m not exactly making peace with them but I am less alarmed than I used to be when I first got here. I prefer not to see them but there they are – hanging onto a window screen or running up and down the back wall of the house.

The anoles are bigger, pale brown and have red sacks on their  throats that they inflate pretty frequently. They also do a good amount of bobbing up and down which is fairly entertaining.

This morning I was out early on the patio with my coffee and even at 7am, the a/c was whirring away. I saw a brown anole sort of prancing on the top of the unit. He moved to the edge, pranced again and then went in head first through the grill on the top. His tail was sticking straight up but at various heights as he moved up and down inside the shell of the machine.

I don’t know what he was after but it must have been something good if he was that determined to get to it. And then a God-awful racket started and lasted for a surprisingly long time, much longer than you would expect it would take for a big fan to chop up a 5 inch long lizard.

I actually gasped and put my hand over my mouth while the chopping was going on. So, I don’t know. maybe I do like them. Or maybe I was just taken with the unfairness of the man-made universe vs. a small creature. I heard that noise at least 20 times before it mercifully stopped.

I don’t know. You wouldn’t think lizard parts would sound the same as a whole lizard as this event progressed, but this did. Maybe he was just bouncing around in there and ping-ponging from blade to blade as it rotated and then dropped down to the bottom, dizzy but whole.

Both the death and the escape scenarios seem equally unlikely. When it was over, I poured myself a second cup of coffee.

9 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get Close Enough To Find Out”

  1. The grinding of anoles in air conditioners is considered entertainment all over the South. You will learn to love these creatures as they eat mosquitos.

      1. If it’s any consolation, the initial contact likely stunned the critter enough to anesthetize.

        Anoles can be fun fashion accessories. We used to catch one (or two), rile them to the point where their jaws open for combat and let them clamp onto our fingers (or earlobes) and then go scare the girls.

        You haven’t described skinks yet. They like mulchy muck more than leafy perches and are dark, shiny and lots more snaky lookin (and much faster) than anoles.

        Despite all their good works eating pesky bugs, my DSW has absolutely no ability to tolerate them.


  2. They come in larger varieties, called Cuban Anoles. And I don’t know if the Iguanas go that far north, but it’s pretty entertaining when they fall out of the trees when it gets cold. If you see one, simply leave it to thaw out and go on its way when the sun warms it.

    If you see a gecko in your house (which is considered good luck!) you have insects. It’s a barometer of sorts.

    Around here they are chewed up by Dachshund, not A/Cs… 😉

  3. Himself and I were at JFK today, in the JetBlue area. Not one TV was tuned to CNN. A couple were on ESPN, but no CNN. Whoop!

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