Am I The Only One That Didn’t Know This?

Guess what? Florida is the lightning capitol of the U.S. And that article was published even before the cable box at the end of my driveway took a direct hit last week.


#1 It took me a while to realize what happened, even though the exceedingly loud thunderclap did seem like it was right over my head and the ceiling fixture in the windowless laundry room where I was standing did seem have an instant of bright white light right before it popped.

#2 It could have been worse – we only lost the cable tv boxes, an Amazon Fire Stick and the above-mentioned laundry room light bulb blew out. My work laptop -which was not plugged into a surge protector -got a little bit screwed up but not ruined.

Anyway no internet, TV or phone for 3 days until the cable company got it all replaced.  We had to talk to each other.


3 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Didn’t Know This?”

  1. Welcome to my world. Anytime there is lightening anywhere in Piedmont, SC (and in the South, it happens a phenomenal amount of times as you’re learning), it means another new router and cable boxes and a couple days without phone, TV or Internet. It’s blown out all the HDMI outlets on our TVs, but they tell us that’s not their fault even although we’ve pointed out that the one TV NOT connected to their service is fine. We’ve just learned to sit back and wait for the white flash whenever it storms. Eight cable boxes and routers in two years. Not a shining record for AT&T.

  2. Trust me, I knew. When we replaced the electrical box last year the guy installed whole-house surge protection… but we still have practically everything plugged into UPS boxes or other surge protectors. It’s bad. We live a stone’s throw away from #22. OH and I don’t believe that about Houston because I’m from that swamp. Never was an issue… not like it here, anyway.

  3. What did y’all *say* to chance being smote?

    (And that’s nothing compared to the outage from an EMP that Kim Jong ill Sumbitch or other treacherous cretins might put on us.)

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