Clouds In My Birdbath

My little concrete birdbath finally made it to Florida. I love this thing and there we so many chances to get it here that were missed. We forgot to put it on the original moving van, the makeup van had 8 boxes of genuine junk from the NJ garage that Sami couldn’t live without but he didn’t think to add the birdbath to it. It’s of short stature but has a might weight so no way could it fly down with Sami or our daughter. Driving back to NJ to get it was impractical; Sami already had his car loaded with more of his junk and had no room to throw it in for the final drive down. It was looking like it was going tobe left behind for the new owners of our NJ house.

The plan was that as soon as the house was under contract, Sami would pack his car, leave it in the garage, grab his suitcases and move to FL permanently. When the time came for closing on the house, he’d fly up and then drive his already-loaded car down here. Good bye forever New Jersey (love you forever New jersey 😦  ). But in this day and age of secure electronic signatures on legally binding documents, turns out we don’t have to be physically present for the signing.

So, Sami hired a car transport company to pick up the car and bring it down and then he made a side deal with the driver to (unofficially) carry the birdbath as well.  Two days and an extra $50 later, my little birdbath and I were reunited.

My final plan is to move it inside the screen enclosure when the pool is finally finished* and add one of these little solar fountains to it. The joy of a birdbath with no actual bird mess! It’s brilliant. Until then, it’s sitting in the front shrubbery bed, incubating mosquitoes.

*That’s a cruel joke. The pool is never going to be finished. [cry face]

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