Fernandina Pool Club (Indoor)

What a chore it’s been to find a poolside chaise that fit my criteria – not flimsy, not made from that horrible flat plastic ribbon stuff that passes as outdoor wicker these days and not dark brown. I don’t want to be cheap about it but I’m also not a  Vanderbilt with money to throw around*. It’s been a long search that took me perilously close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Canadian-made $500+/each chaises made of recycled plastic.

But I was only 90% sure about them and what with being a Gemini and all, things fall out of favor quickly with me. That’s why I don’t buy high-end handbags – because I would feel a little bit bad not using them so I’d be throwing/giving them away after a significant investment.

So I’ve been looking for months without success. Luckily (unluckily!) I don’t have a pool yet. (Translation: Grrrrr!) Then I remembered that I once found an on-line vendor willing to sell a small quantity of commercial-grade chaises.  You know these chairs – you’ve seen them at every pool club and hotel that has a pool or is on a beach. They are super strong, rated for a 400 pound capacity and come with a 10 year guarantee.

And that’s how I ended up buying 2  Grosfillex Bahia chaise lounge chairs for a total price so ridiculous I’m not even going to tell you about it. (You can find them in plenty of places for a not-awful price if you buy 6, 12 or 18 at a time.) I paid extra to get the Sandstone finish instead of the standard white and by the time an extra charge for residential delivery was added to the already high price per item and then the breathtaking trucking fee, the chairs were not exactly a bargain. Or even a reasonable price.

But when they were delivered the box was seriously bashed up and one of the chaises had two thin  2-inch long scratches on one arm. I called the company and almost before I got to the end of the sentence, they said they would send a replacement at no charge and that I could keep the scratched one. In fact, instead of one chair they sent one carton (of two chairs), which they said I could also keep for no charge.

So now the price per unit is much more in line with what a schlub like me would expect to pay for a plastic chaise. The problem is – and I can’t even talk about it – my pool construction is going at a snail’s pace and everything in the back is torn up and the garage is still clogged with moving boxes and giant flower pots and even a 65  pound cement pineapple umbrella table waiting to take its place in the sun.

And that’s how I ended up with this permanent art installation in my front hallway.


*I wrote that sentence in case Sami ever reads this so he doesn’t flip out. In my heart, I believe that if you really love something you should be willing to go beyond an arbitrary number you have set for yourself. Up to a point. And $500+ for a really great chaise lounge is not that point. But in the end I couldn’t do it. It’s not like I’m going to live forever to justify that expense.

11 thoughts on “Fernandina Pool Club (Indoor)”

    1. Well, I could but first I have to compose myself so entire blog posts are not about what a jerk the pool company owner is. Here’s a preview of 6 weeks’ work. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?

        1. I know! The only things left to do are installing the tiles, plumbing, heat pump, electrical, paving stones, pool wall finish coat and screen enclosure – then we can swim! Probably by Thanksgiving.

      1. It’s yuuuuge and it’s going to be GORGEOUS! Looks like you’ve had a lot of rain, glad they put up the alligator/snapping turtle prevention fence 😛 And yes, you’ll enjoy it much more than the creek when she’s done.

        1. On the plus side, the filthy standing water is a huge attractant for dragonflies. Every morning I go out there and find four them flitting around. When they’re not flitting, they like to sit on top of the white pipes and chill.

  1. Wow! That’s customer service I can get behind. Congratulations. My grandkids would totally use those as cots all summer. They’re light years better than the air beds currently being used. Not that they ever sleep.

  2. 4 for the price of 2?!! Wow! Soon you can relax all your worries away. I can’t wait to see the finished back yard, I’m sure it will be glorious and well worth the price 🙂

    1. Yes, they were really wonderful. Most of their Grosfillex business is commercial where the orders are huge* and the business is repeat, so its amazing they bothered with a little old residential customer who placed a one time order for 2 chairs.

      * The truck driver told me that he delivered 1800 chaises the week before to a big hotel on the island here. That’s a lot of chaises!

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