Urgent Need For Reader Input

Friday 6/16 Revised update 6/19: I ordered the full bed. The bedroom is big enough to support a foot board – the mattress isn’t here yet (or even selected) and I may have to go with something less kitchy than my sentimental vintage orchid lamp but here it is:


IMG_2015 The package(s) came sooner than expected and it weighs a ton. the quality of the finish is wonderful – I’m really pleased with it. Also, remember when I said you can see into the master bedroom as you come up the main hallway from the front door to the family room? Well, the foot board is kind of showcased in the door frame, so Whole Shebang was the right call here. Now everyone who passes by can admire it, not just me.

Wednesday update Polling Results: the Whole Shebangers outnumbered the Headboard Only crown by 2-1. So I just bought the Whole Shebang, to be delivered by the end of the week.

Now I guess I should go out and buy that mattress.


Here’s a list of posts I have started:

  • how the top of my head is going to blow off if the pool contractor doesn’t get his rear in gear
  • a new Chelsea Cooks! post called “Meemaw’s Xanax Smoothie (Also good for little Abie’s bottle) “, but you’d have to understand Hillary’s mental breakdown AND the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to get that
  • a rare serious post about national security
  • buying roadside shrimp , which is a big thing in this neck of the woods. Here’s my favorite late night tv ad about it. 

But instead, I have a design question that I need your input on. When we moved to the new house, I brought my 75 year old bedroom furniture with me except for the headboard. I fully intended to buy something new as soon as we got here but that didn’t happen. Finally I found a complimentary bed/headboard that I am really excited about but I can’t decide if I should get just the headboard, or the whole shebang: headboard, footboard, side rails and slats.


Isn’t it snazzy? My heart wants the whole shebang because It’s more of A THING but my head knows that the headboard alone will be easier to live with , crashed toe-wise and will make the bed-making easier. The 4 people in my family that I consulted are split 50-50 and so I turn to you to help me decide.

What would you do? Headboard alone or full set up? (I expect a yuge participation level here , even from the silent lurkers. I need your help!)

12 noon – MIDDAY UPDATE  The voting is running in favor of the whole shebang. (8 to 3)

This bed is available at many online sites under different names. Here’s one that allows magnification so you can ooh and ahh at the mottled tortoiseshell-like finish and the ornate gold connectors*.  The best deal I found so far is at Overstock.com. Throw in a 10% off coupon and that brings the price down to $365.07 with free shipping and no tax. You almost HAVE TO BUY IT for that price.

*I forgot to remind you that I am now in my Eva Gabor**  period of life (except without the diamonds and Merv Griffin) and this styling completely suits that.

** Without question the best Gabor.

24 thoughts on “Urgent Need For Reader Input”

  1. You need the entire set up, of course. Many years ago we purchased just a headboard and though I still love it a part of me aches for the rest.
    Think of how perfect it would all look in your bedroom!!

  2. I love the whole set! It is stunning and makes a big statement. I have never had a footboard and if I did then I wouldn’t have to pick the comforter up off the floor every morning since my hub seems to kick it off every night. Go for the whole shebang!

  3. If I was spending my money, it would just be the headboard, but I admit that the whole look is quite compelling. Sure, why not have the whole fantasy?

    And while I’m here, I look forward to your thoughts on all of the proposed topics except “Memaw Cooks.”

  4. The entire shebang. It looks a little unfinished with just the headboard, now that you’ve shown us the whole look.

  5. Headboard only, with a stylish bench or trunk for the foot. You can put your shoes on, there, plus move out of way for bed-making. And comforter won’t fall off annoyingly.

  6. That footboard will be a huge pain every time you change the linens or rotate the mattress. It’s lovely, but I’m at the age where simplicity overrules style.

  7. Definitely just the headboard. But get a bench or trunk for the end. Plus, if you get a nice rattan trunk, you can use it for storage. Footboards are a pain in the ass for making the bed, not to mention that trapped feeling you get when you can’t move your feet around in bed because everything’s all tucked in down there.

  8. Does your pet sleep on the bed? If so skip the footboard. I’d skip the footboard anyway, but that’s just me. Funny, we’ve had headboard and footboard for 15 years now, but the frame recently separated causing hubby’s side of the bed to sink. So just two weeks ago we bought a standard frame and connected the headboard to it and decided not to keep the footboard. I like the openers and the extra room for my feet!

  9. If I had that footboard on our bed instead of the heirloom cedar chest at the foot, I would hang laundry over it. Every day. It’s perfect.

    Of course, my DSW would hit me in the head with a heavy object even though she piles folded laundry on the hope chest to keep me from sitting on it.

  10. We’ve no headboard and no footboard, because of a necessary renovation of both bathrooms, they took several feet of our Master room. So. unless you’ve got a whopper big room, go with the headboard. Ditch the footboard. I’m of the artistic crowd, have found too cool looking shutters. They are going to be a headboard, and a rockin’ one. Attached to the wall, it won’t take up my precious space: we’ve got us and an 80 lb dog with looooong legs. When in doubt: measure. See how much room this set up is going to take up. It’s amazing how much stuff takes over your home. I remember moving in and that first night whispering to hubby….how in the world will we have enough things so that it doesn’t echo in here!” Now it’s “what are we gonna DO with all this stuff? Less is more. It’s also calming to the soul.

  11. Well, shoot! I miss 1 freakin’ day of checking your blog and I miss out on a survey.
    For the record I vote for no foot board, but I’m notoriously un-domesticated and still have never had a “designed” room in any house I ever lived in.

    1. Thanks – I needed that. When you’re living with triple handmedowns (no real treasures other than sentimentality), a designed room seems otherworldly.

      1. Friend!
        I always feel like I missed out on something, but I don’t really care enough to try it out. I tell myself I have better things to do with my money, like eat out.

  12. Too late to matter, my numerous crumpled toes vote for no footboard. I also like to go and sort of flop on the bed once in a while. The footboard makes that dangerous, if not impossible.

  13. My two cents…
    Four years ago I ordered the Wesley Allen Sheffield iron bed – headboard, footboard and frame. In those four years, I have not once bashed or bumped any part of myself on this bed. Nor has my husband. So yes, thumbs up on buying the whole shebang. Enjoy!

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