Thank You, Ricky Ricardo

Ricky Ricardo was mean. If you watch a few I Love Lucy reruns in a row, you can see the pattern:

  • Lucy does something elaborately sneaky
  • Ricky finds out and gets mad
  • Ricky schemes with Fred Mertz to do something extremely humiliating to Lucy
  • When it’s over, Lucy sends the look of love to Ricky and gives him a hug and kiss

So Lucy acts goofy to achieve a positive outcome and Ricky retaliates with the intent to scare, embarrass or debase Lucy to teach her a lesson.


Well, that was the patriarchy in the 50’s, I guess. Although I must say that my father was kind of a crab and was the unquestionable authority in our household but never did anything to purposely embarrass – let alone scare! – my mother or either of his daughters. (He did unintentionally embarrass us, though and plenty. Remind to tell you sometime about how he used to manage my wardrobe choices and fix my hair everyday for elementary school. Let’s just say the priority was utility, not fashion.)

So Ricky Ricardo is a character I have come to loathe. Until yesterday morning! The usual shenanigans were going on with Ricky and Fred playing dirty and Lucy and Ethel losing a crooked bet. The penalty was to serve breakfast in bed for a month to the winners . Ricky ordered orange juice, toast, bacon and basted eggs.

beBasted eggs! Did you all know about this? I never heard of it so I immediately looked it up to find out that these were the eggs of my dreams. I made them for breakfast yesterday and today and predict this is going to be my go-to for the foreseeable future.

So a reluctant thanks to you for the tip Ricky, you arrogant son of a bitch.


p.s. Apparently I am in egg mode now. I also christened the refrigerator in the new house with the first batch of pickled eggs. Believe it or not, beet-pickled eggs are a thing sold in supermarkets here. I never bought them though because I enjoy making my own.

You know, I have to learn 3 new electronic project management systems and I’m avoiding it because my head is too full of all the things that I’ve already learned in my life. I joked that if I was going to add these 3 things, I’d have to make room by forgetting how to check the air pressure in the car tires or how to mend a sock (which I actually did to one sock one time in the 90s). But now that I think about it, I can safely let go of knowing how to make beet pickled eggs since the supermarket safety net has presented itself to me.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Ricky Ricardo”

  1. Lucy is immature, childish even. But with a husband like Ricky, how else can she act? Especially given 50’s morals. I used to love that show. [sigh]

    Never heard Ricky say basted eggs, but happy to know about them, thanks!

  2. Pssst, did you make it to Shrimp Fest yet? Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day. You really should experience it, it’s kind of a big deal in these parts. Sunday morning is my favorite time to go because it tends to be the least crowded. Lots of arts and crafts and antiques. Who knows what little gem you might find for your new house.

  3. I’ve been watching I Love Lucy lately too. (Just laziness because it’s on between two shows I want to watch.) I think the whole thing is creepy by today’s standards. She bawls like a child, he spanks (SPANKS!) her. This is twisted. I don’t think people really acted like that in the 50’s. But, I do think there is a grain of truth there. My dad was a lovely man who never raised his voice to us, but my grandfather was an impatient tyrant (as was my mother) and my grandmother was always finding ways to hide things from him.
    Also, notice sometime how tiny the chicken drumsticks were. In case you don’t think today’s chickens are mutants.

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