The Butter Lamb Comes To Florida.

I got over-confident once I found out where they keep the rack of lamb in the local Publix. Apparently, you have to ask the butcher for it and then they produce it for you. Once I realized that, I took my rack and hustled over to the diary section hoping against hope that I would find butter lambs on the shelf. But of course, it was not to be. I was a fool.

So I pulled out my trusty lamb mold and set about making my own. Now get this: room temperature butter behaves differently in Florida than it does in New Jersey. I KNOW, right? So the stick of butter that I put out to soften up did so and then some so I had to pull out a different stick to soften for a shorter time. Then I carefully packed the mold so there would be no gaps and put it into the refrigerator for 24 hours.

When I unmolded it on Easter Day, I should have known there was going to be trouble. There was a separation right across the lamb’s skull where the front and back of the mold parts met. I decide to ignore it. That , it turned out, was the wrong decision.

butter lamb 2017

As you can see, the poor thing had some issues to begin with. For some reason, when I pushed in the cloves, they made a slim ring of displaced butter around the eye sockets giving a somewhat googly appearance. And when I inserted a sprig of fresh thyme for the lamb to chew on, a Simpson-type upper lip resulted. But I forged on and created diversions to minimize those flaws – a mixed bed of parsley and thyme, a red ribbon and a grease-free flag

The butter lamb was only out of the refrigerator and in its place of honor on the dinner table for an hour when tragedy struck. I looked over that the lamb’s face has fallen off. Luckily it landed clove side up in the parsley so I was able to retrieve it and stick it back on. It was even less attractive than what you see here and far less symmetrical.

I am going to have to step up my game next year.

5 thoughts on “The Butter Lamb Comes To Florida.”

  1. Well I think your little lamb is adorable! I like the look of the bed of parsley too.

    I’d never heard of a butter lamb before so I looked it up. According to what I read it’s a Polish and/or Eastern European tradition. Jacksonville has a fairly significant population of Eastern Europeans, mostly concentrated in the Baymeadows area, at least when they first came here. There are several European markets in that area of town as a result. Amar I believe is the largest one with the best variety, it’s off University. There used to be one down in the Mandarin area too I believe.

    BTW…..sorry/not sorry your butter melted. You gotta admit the weather right now is divine, absolutely my favorite time of year!!

    1. I KNEW I should have consulted you. I’ve been to University Avenue because that’s where the Arabic grocery store is. And I’ve been to the Baymeadows area because THAT’S WHERE CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP IS. We need to make a plan to go there …

  2. Suzette, I have to agree with the post from “somebody.” The Jacksonville area is a real mixing pot. We have Russians and many Eastern Europeans here as well as a large community of middle easterners.

    All of these groups love lamb. I myself was born in England and moved to the US when I was 20 years old (legally). Today I am an old fart of 65 but I still talk funny according to most people here.

    Although Publix sells great legs of lamb for about $45 a pop you will find fantastically priced lamb at Sam’s Club located at 300 Busch Drive in North Jacksonville. Its worth joining just for the lamb.

    They sell packages of lamb for crown roasts etc. Each pack has two strips of ribs. they are a great buy at a little over twenty dollars a pack. Try to find a price like that anywhere else. They also sell packs of the highest quality lamb chops that you will find anywhere at the most unbelievable prices.

    Look up Sam’s Club before going there as you have to become a member and they only accept certain types of payment. I know your going to be happy with the lamb there.

    1. Costco over at the town center also carries lamb.

      True story, University Blvd. snakes through half of JAX. The section I’m speaking of is near I-95. I should have clarified, for future reference if anybody tells you something is “off University Blvd.” ask for more specifics. Same goes for anything off or near the following roads; Interstates 95 and 295, and San Jose Blvd. To a slightly lesser extent I would add Beach, Atlantic, Blanding, Roosevelt, and Phillips Hwy.

      There are quite a few others I could add. Jax is a large city size wise and there are quite a few streets that go on and on for miles. You’ll eventually get to where you are going, but knowing the best way can save you a lot of time.

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