Weekend Report From Florida

The minor league baseball team in Jacksonville is called the Jumbo Shrimp. There seem to be a few logos for the team but my favorite one is the shrimp busting out of a stockpot of full of low country boil.


That is all.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Report From Florida”

  1. Love. Love. These minor league teams and ballparks. A fun and very affordable way to take the whole family to a game and get drinks and snacks without breaking the bank. Young children don’t know the difference but they will remember family good times on a warm summer night.

  2. We had season tickets to our local A-level team for several years. Wonderful fun, and the manager of the team coached third base and would often come over to talk to us between innings. The owner of the team would greet everyone leaving after the game and thank them for coming.

  3. We used to have a team in New Orleans – the Zephyrs. Then they renamed the team “the Baby Cakes” as a twisted homage to the King Cakes during Carnival and gave it the creepiest logo ever devised by mankind. It’s so bad I won’t even link to it so that you can forget about it before you google. Now no one claims them any more.

  4. I was born and raised in Jacksonville and I am heartbroken that they changed the name from the Jacksonville Suns to Jumbo Shrimp. I still can’t wrap my head around it. #notmyjumboshrimp

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