Where The Wild Things Are

It’s a jungle in here!

Zebra seat covers in progress; Giraffe afghan; Animal skins needlepoint

One of my long-time blog buddies let me know that she too had plans for a  British Colonial decorating scheme “but over time, it became more like “world fusion”. I can totally see how that happens. Look at this one room: I started out with a BC  design vision that was already a mishmosh of What If the West Indies and the British Raj Had A Baby  and now I’m  drifting over onto the African plains. I don’t care though – those zebra seat covers and a giraffe throw. How could I not?

Also, look at that ivory colored faux bamboo mirror back there. I think I need to get out my can of Metallic Gold spray paint. What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are”

  1. Regardless of what one wants to call it … your colors, textures and patterns are coming together so beautifully and I am sure that once you are done, you will have a truly lovely home filled with exquisite finds and special treasures! (I would wait on the gold for the mirror frame because it currently ties in with the lamp to the right of it and with the color of your sectional – – which, BTW, is gorgeous).

    1. Thank you! The former owners put those ceramic floor tiles through out the whole living space except for the kitchen. I like them so much I’m even considering going without area rugs altogether.

  2. And yes, Jann, I agree. Wait on the gold. Could be nice, though, but as you say it goes nicely w that lamp and you can always do it later.

  3. Her* exact words “YOU GOTTA BE SHITTIN ME!!!!”

    *My DSW noting that a) those are EXACTLY the chairs we have (6) and b) that is EXACTLY the new fabric she wants.


  4. I say go with the gold immediately so that the mirror stands out on it’s own! And I am in love with your sectional too!

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