These Corgis Are Cheesed Up To The Max

Have you been watching the Netflix original series called  The Crown? Season 1 was 10 riveting episodes of young Elizabeth as she married and ascended to the throne of England. The British actress Claire Foy in the title role does a remarkable job* and I found every episode to be utterly engrossing. Here she is talking out of her hat in a Vanity Fair interview:


fullsizerender-26Upon hearing this wrong-headed opinion, corgis all over the world immediately took to their office beds and didn’t come out again until they heard the Scooby Snacks box being rattled in the kitchen.

*If you watch any episode at all from this series, make it Episode 9 to catch the stunning portray of Winston Churchill in decline as played by John Lithgow. Seriously, watch this series if you have the chance – there’s also a peek at Prince Phillip’s naked butt. Something for everybody!


6 thoughts on “These Corgis Are Cheesed Up To The Max

  1. The kids got us into The Crown, partly because my Dear Sweet Wife is such a Royal Watcher, but I like it in a way similar to the way Mad Men immersed us in a period of time that we touched. Not that I date back *that* far, but presenting historical facts such as the abdication of Edward VII as a family event is incredibly interesting. We thrilled at the corgis right away, and Lithgow *KILLS* it as Churchill.

    But how far can they take it? At what point does literary license go too far? Even the most sensitive treatment of Princess Diana would have to be heart wrenching to her family. At least they don’t have to suspend scheduled air dates when some of the more inevitable somber events occur in future. Still, sticky wicket, that.

  2. I watched the first 3 episodes last night. I’m always interested in the fashions and hair styles. They never get the hair quite right. If it looks like a blow dryer or curling iron touched it it’s not going to look the way hair looked in the days before they came along. I have all the pictures of my relatives from those years and their yearbooks and magazines. Hair looked awful in those days no matter who you were. The freckles bother me a little, but I like that Elizabeth is shown with very little makeup.

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