My Little Town

The neighborhood Facebook group is all abuzz today because there were many incidents of odd noises last night between midnight and 1 am. After comparing on-line notes, residents are falling into 2 camps: those who had someone knocking on their houses and those that heard gunfire. The sheriff’s department sent many cars that went speeding through the streets but nothing was found, or at least they aren’t saying anything about it. Without official information, the FB page continues to buzz with speculation and the rift between knocking and gunfire is getting deeper. Then, one neighbor casually dropped this supposition::


I love this place!

3 thoughts on “My Little Town”

  1. One of those overgrown curtain climbers pulled that stunt at my house over the holidays. I went out the side door, after they rang the front door bell. They were running down the street, which prevented them from seeing me armed.

    Judging by their size, I’d say they were around 13, and still young enough to crap their pants when sufficiently scared.

  2. Could it be someone was dispatching of armadillos? Late night hunting is the best way to get rid of them. You can trap them but then you have to transport them yourself and they spew crap everywhere and it’s vile the smell lingers even after cleaning. They breed quadruplets so they multiply fast, even one will tear up you yard in a few evenings.

    Another possibility, years ago we had some teens in JAX that found it amusing to hurl rocks with a slingshot at garage doors. The effect sounded like a shot if they hit the garage door just right.

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