Status Update


summary: I have been v busy! And by “busy” I mean do something for 15 minutes and then take a rest for an hour. Repeat from sunrise to bedtime

Work has been extremely burdensome and depressing lately, mostly because I ignored my business expenses for 3/4 of the last year and I had to get them all reconciled and submitted by the 26th of December. It was a very time consuming exercise. Not time consuming to do them, but I spent a lot of time – days! weeks! – fretting about doing them but actually spending my time paralyzed by the size of the task and the prospect of hunting down all those receipts. Those of you who have been with me for a while will recognized that procrastination is my strong suit and you would think I’d learn from year to year but I never do.

It was a great holiday and I’m surprised to tell you that I didn’t miss wintry weather at all on Christmas Day and especially did not miss it on New Year’s Eve. Not that we went out on NYE, but if we did I wouldn’t have had to worry about slipping around on snow and ice. I count my blessings where I find them.

Also, the neighborhood in general was like a professional light show with outdoor Christmas decorations, but the street I live on is populated by duds. Only our next door neighbor had what I consider the proper holiday spirit and had enough lights to suit me and he kept them lit from Dec 1 until yesterday. A few other houses had a few half-hearted  strings of lights that they switched on for a few hours a day for the week before Christmas. Speaking of Christmas decorations, water got into my inflatable cocoa mug and I can’t get it out. I don’t know how it got in there in the first place. I don’t see any openings. Any ideas?

Also, one of those little yard lizards that are all over the place in Florida stowed away on my artificial wreath and when I took it down and brought it into the house for storage, the lizard jumped off, scurried behind the china closet  and that’s the last I saw of it.  I choose to believe that it died 5 minutes after it got in because I will not think about cohabiting with a live lizard. It probably died, right?

Sami was here for about 2 1/2 weeks but now he’s back in NJ and I feel awful and lonely and awfully lonely. While he was here we hung a flag and it’s pretty glorious. Again, only our next door neighbor has one on display, as opposed to the rest of the general neighborhood which looks like a 4th of July parade route.


From Our Department of Actual Work: I have a new love interest these days and it’s name is Hoover Floor Mate. One of my least favorite household activities is wet mopping a floor, so I can only claim a temporary loss of reason when I bought a house that has mostly tile flooring. The bedrooms are carpeted but everything else is ceramic tile, as shown on the highlighted areas of this floor plan.


What was I thinking? I did go out and buy a nice new  mop and bucket when I first got here but frankly I haven’t had the heart to get into it. The Floor Mate arrived this week and I must say it couldn’t be easier to use. It’s like a steamer for carpets, except its got scrub brushes and it vacuums up the dirty water from the floor. The floors look so good! I don’t delude myself that I will ever be excited to be doing cleaning of any type, but with this machine the terrible floor washing chore is as bearable as it can get.

In the most exciting news of all, I am currently engaged in trying to sprout an avocado pit.


Pit Watch week 1


8 thoughts on “Status Update”

    1. Thanks! It’s my first pit since I was in 5th grade and that one never came to anything. Or maybe since my children were in 5th grade? I can’t imagine that we ever saw let alone ate an avocado in Wilkes Barre.

  1. I had an aunt that lived in South Texas years ago. In her yard were producing avocado plants, which she grew from pits.

    Wouldn’t that be something to behold? Walk out to the back yard, pick some avocados, and make the freshest guacamole you ever tasted? I think it would be great, until the neighbor kids found the trees, and had a throwing war with unripe avocados.

  2. What kind of avocado? I’m partial to Haas in case you were wondering neighbor, LOL!

    Don’t worry about the lizard. I’m sure you have your A/C or more likely this weekend your heat running. The air inside won’t have enough humidity to sustain him for more than a few days a week tops. Plus he won’t have a food source, unless you have bugs in your house which I doubt.

    Helpful tip, if you have any houseplants Mr. Lizard will gravitate to them seeking moisture from the soil and a home away from home. If you spot him direct him toward an open door. He WANTS to be outside. You can catch him in a solo cup and toss or push him with a broom. You could try grabbing him by the tail, but if you grab it too far down it will break off, so best to just direct him toward the door or catch and release.

      1. Sadly, the lizard will desiccate and ossify as described, so there won’t be a stink. There could, however, be some unpleasant dog-yak depending on the curiosity factor.

        My Dear Sweet Wife cannot abide such a reptile or it’s amphibious analog. Once, a gecko infiltrated the master bath while I was out of town. She called, close to hysterics, like I’m supposed to teleport home to dispose of it. I advised her to deploy the Shop-Vac, and with her friend, they managed to solve the problem*.

        *How badly is that understated? Envision a 21st century misadventure of Lucy and Ethel, armed with a Shop-Vac, intent on removing vermin.

  3. The lizard will be happy to consume any mosquitoes or other small bugs you will surely get in your house. It is Florida, after all.

    My MIL had two very large avocado trees in her yard in Hialeah, started from seed. Lasted many years and produced many avocados. One blew down during Andrew. She is no longer around so not sure of the other one.

    I’m sorry if I missed this reference, but did you bring your lemon tree from NJ with you. You tried so very hard to keep it going. Was just wondering about it.

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